Telemundo Operación Pacífico Spoilers: Destiny bites – literally

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Telemundo Operación Pacífico spoilers indicate things just got a little more supernatural. We spoke a little bit about Amalia Ortega (Majida Issa) hallucinating. It seemed there was some strange connection between her and Rodolfo “El Guapo” Espinosa Roldán (Julio Bracho). It turns out we were right. And it looks like there’s destiny at work. Let’s take a look at how things went down.

Telemundo Operación Pacífico Spoilers: Trickster

So, things seemed to start off okay for El Guapo. Operación Pacífico spoilers indicate he managed to get out of his mother’s house with her before the cops came knocking. And it was a good thing for him he did. Gabriel Pedraza (Mark Tacher), Bradley Jones (Klemen Novak), and Copete (Óscar Borda) all arrived. Copete highjacked them into helping, as there’s apparently some dissention in the trafficking ranks. They want El Guapo, too.

Guapo showed he has a great sense of humor, though. We seriously find ourselves liking him after the failed raid. See, he’d left what looked like a bomb in one of the rooms. As Pedraza and the rest tried to escape, it turned out to be glitter and similar stuff that exploded into the room—totally harmless. He even left a note that says “Guapo doesn’t exist”. We can’t! It’s too silly for a bad guy, but it’s awesome. But things went bad for him later on.

Telemundo Operación Pacífico Spoilers: The mystical

It seems his mother isn’t a fan of what her son’s up to. In fact, she’s extremely religious and seems to subscribe to something relating to a snake as well. She called what he does an insult to the Serpent, who’d chosen him years ago. Operación Pacífico spoilers indicate it wasn’t a brother who left as we’d believed before, but Guapo himself. And he was the one who got bit by the snake. According to his mother, his survival (and the mark on his back) meant he’d been chosen by the serpent. He’s supposed to be fighting for justice. Guapo believes he is, but she warned him the Serpent can turn on you just as fast as it choses you.

Knowing all that, it seems Amalia is actually now chosen, as she’s the one who got bit by a similar snake and went through the same healing process. So far, she seems to be recovering. All signs point to her now being the one who is basically destined to serve justice, and we think that means she’s the one meant to bring in Guapo, as he insulted the Serpent.

Telemundo Operación Pacífico Spoilers: What’s next?

Right now, Amalia is held captive. Her survival will depend on whether or not Jones and Pedraza can help bring Copete and the others El Guapo. She tried to get them to allow her to help catch their target, but so far? It’s a no go. We expect they’ll change their minds soon, and Amalia will fulfill what’s clearly her destiny. But will she bring him down the legal way, or the way Copete and others likely want? We’ll have to wait and see.

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