Lifetime ‘Little Women: NY (New York)’ Spoilers: Jordanna and Dawn and the Mardi Gras Melee

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Spoilers indicate that Lifetime ‘Little Women: New York’ is a show is about a cast of lovely little people, mostly women, with a few surprises thrown in. This season is the fourth season of the hit show and fans love it! These women are fun, spunky, and taking on New York City in the best way that they know how. Fans of the show have been talking about the drama hat happened on last week’s episode and we have the full story.

Jordanna wanted to show the girls a really good time so she threw a little person burlesque show. Dawn pretty much ruined the good time because she was judging the girls who wanted to perform. There was one point when she told Jazmin that it was disgusting what she did. Dawn expressed that this burlesque show made them all look like they were in a circus. It made her feel that little women should not be showing others this side of them.

Lifetime ‘Little Women: New York’ – The Little Burlesque Show

These comments really upset some of the women. one of them was Jazmin. She got so upset and ran off from the others in tears. Her husband David asked her what was wrong and she expressed to him what happened with Dawn, who is his sister. He goes to talk to Dawn and tells her that she needs to apologize and this drama needs to be over. Dawn agrees to chat with her, but she was only trying to support and protect Jazmin.

The women and Jason all decide that they want to get Dawn to loosen up more. They throw a Mardi Gras party so they can get Dawn drunk and get her to loosen up. The party does go as expected and Dawn ends up drunk and does chat with Jazmin and they have seemed to squash their drama all together. We do learn a lot about Dawn and what she is going through.

Before the party, Jordanna invites Dawn to lunch and asks her what is going on with her. She explains that her boyfriend, Keith, is having some trouble with his family. She has been dating him for five years and two years ago, his family wrote him a long email about how she will become a burden to him and his family. She is feeling very upset about it because she loves Keith and just wants his family to love her. Jordanna cheered her up and they were both able to enjoy the party and squash all the drama. These women know how to party and we cannot wait to see what happens next week. Little Women: NY airs on Lifetime.

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