Coronation Street Spoilers: Geoff Metcalfe To Sink To A New Low?

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Coronation Street fans have been outraged by Geoff Metcalfe and his abuse of Yasmeen Nazir over the past couple of months. The story dipped to a new low last week, as Geoff forced Yasmeen to eat her dinner off the floor, before being outraged with how she acted. He then left Yasmeen to cry alone in the house, while he met up with an escort.

However, the walls could be about to fall in on Geoff as Alya is getting closer to finding out the truth. She found an article online last week that declared that he was arrested for affray, but the evidence was still not enough to force Yasmeen to leave Geoff.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Viewers Shocked By Last Week’s Scenes

Viewers quickly took to social media to vent about the way that Geoff made his wife eat her dinner off the floor after throwing it after being outraged that she had found out about his criminal past. However, next week, he is going to enrage viewers further by agreeing to meet with the escort again.

Yasmeen was concerned in Friday’s episode when she couldn’t get hold of Geoff throughout the night. He returned home the following morning in the same clothes, but he didn’t tell her about his date with the escort.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Geoff & Yasmeen Delay Their Move To Cyprus

In the same episode, Geoff was left furious with Yasmeen as she admitted that maybe it would be the best idea to delay their move abroad. Geoff tells Alya of their decision later in the episode, but he admitted that they would still be going at some point in the future. Yasmeen is furious that Alya has reported Geoff to the police, and when Yasmeen reveals this to Geoff, he is angry.

He continues to play victim, before then sending a message to the escort. He once again leaves Yasmeen at home alone, while he has an affair with the mysterious woman. Will Yasmeen or Alya be able to find out the truth about Geoff, and where he is really going?

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