Coronation Street Spoilers: Gemma’s Misery Continues As She Makes Huge Mistake

It has been a challenging few months for Gemma Winter, as she struggles to deal with her quads. There will be dramatic scenes next week when Gemma continues to question whether she is being the best mother that she can be for her four babies.


Viewers will see the moment of panic when Gemma realises that she has locked herself out of the house; leaving the quads by themselves in the process. She has been urged by everybody to get additional help, but the return of her mother hasn’t allowed her to feel more relaxed.


Coronation Street Spoilers: Gemma’s Worrying Dream


Also next week, Gemma will have a terrible dream where she thinks that she has hurt Aled. She will immediately wake up in a sweat and rush downstairs, but she is quickly relaxed as Chesney is holding the baby. Later in the episode, the health worker comes round to the house to see how the family is getting on.


Gemma admits that she is concerned about Lilo’s weight loss, and the mother admits that she needs an increase in formula milk. However, the health worker is more concerned about Gemma and how she is dealing with being a mother. Gemma admits that she is fine, before bursting into tears when she leaves.


Coronation Street Spoilers: Despair For Gemma


Overcome with the emotion and with the babies crying getting louder, Gemma takes a step outside to get some fresh air. However, she is mortified when the door locks behind her and she can’t get back in to see her children. Bernie then turns up and is shocked at how upset her daughter is.


Bernie reveals that she is moving in with her to help, but Gemma begs her not to tell Chesney about her struggles. Gemma’s mother agrees under the condition that she goes to see a doctor. However, Bernie learns that Gemma isn’t honest when visiting the doctor and Chesney walks in on them having an argument. Will Bernie reveal the extend of Gemma’s problems to the father of the quads?