Chef Floyd Cardoz Dies of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Aged 59: Being Admitted and Social Media

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It is a terribly sad day and finding out that Chef Floyd Cardoz has died at age 59 of Coronavirus just adds to the world’s sadness. A fan favorite on Top Chef Masters, Cardoz was admitted to the hospital last week with a fever. He died at the Mountainside Medical Center in New Jersey from complications of the coronavirus. Fans are incredibly saddened by his death and we have the full story.

Last Wednesday, Cardoz went to the hospital with a pretty bad fever. He tested positive for COVID-19, but was in good spirits at the hospital. He posted on Instagram, “Sincere apologies everyone. I am sorry for causing undue panic around my earlier post. I was feeling feverish and hence as a precautionary measure, admitted myself into the hospital in New York. I was hugely anxious about my state of health and my post was highly irresponsible causing panic in several quarters. I returned to New York on March 8th via Frankfurt.”

Chef Floyd Cardoz Dies of Coronavirus: Being Admitted and Social Media

Cardoz is known for his amazing cooking and developing restaurants in New York that serve contemporary Indian food. He became very popular in Manhattan and was featured in the New York Times many times. He opened many restaurants in the area and made quite a name for himself. He also opened the Bombay Canteen and Bombay Sweet Shop in Mumbai, India.

Bravo spoke out about his death as well, “Bravo and the Top Chef family are deeply saddened by the passing of Chef Floyd Cardoz. Floyd was a talented chef who competed and won Top Chef Masters. He was thoughtful, kind, and his smile illuminated a room. He was an inspiration to chefs around the world and we offer our deepest sympathy to his friends and family.”

Others wrote, “Devastating new about Chef Floyd Cardoz. I can’t process it. A true gentleman in every sense and a great credit to the chef community. He will be sorely missed.”

We are deeply saddened by this and we hope that his family is keeping him in the light. He is survived by his mother, his wife, Barkha, and their two sons, Justin and Peter.

We hope that all of our readers are staying isolated and trying to only take essential trips. This virus is a terrifying thing and we are all trying to deal with it in the ways we know how. Nothing like this has happened in our lifetime and it is taking many people that we all love and care for.

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