British Royal Family News: Prince Harry Frustrated At Distance Between Himself & Prince Charles

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British Royal Family News finds that the world is still reeling from the news that broke yesterday, as it emerged that Prince Charles had tested positive for having the Coronavirus. The news sent shockwaves around the world, as nobody could have seen the diagnosis coming. It is believed that the prince started showing symptoms on Sunday, before he received his test results on Tuesday.

One member of the royal family that will be feeling particularly helpless will be Prince Harry, who is now residing in Canada. According to reports in the British press, Harry is frustrated that he can’t be nearer to his father to support him during this tough time.

British Royal Family News: Meghan Reportedly Blocking Harry’s Desire

Prince Charles will now be spending the foreseeable future in self-isolation in Scotland, with Camilla. Camilla was also tested for COVID-19, but she tested negative. According to the reports in the press, Harry wanted to fly back to the UK to be nearer to his family, but the stories doing the round have stated that Meghan Markle blocked those wishes.

The stories continued that Meghan wanted Harry to be closer to her and their son Archie during the global pandemic. Obviously, nobody can argue with Meghan’s stance as the safety and wellbeing of her son and husband is her priority.

British Royal Family News: Last Time Prince Harry Saw Father

The last public appearance from both Prince Harry and Prince Charles was on the 9th March for the Commonwealth Service. The two likely met again after that meeting as Harry stayed in the UK for an extra few days to tie up loose ends before flying back to Canada to be reunited with Meghan and Archie.

Meanwhile, the Queen and Prince Phillip remain in self-isolation at Windsor Castle. The couple have been there for the past week after being rushed out of London as the situation worsened in the capital. All royals are believed to be working from the safety of their homes at present.

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