British Royal Family News: Prince Charles Tests Positive For COVID-19

It’s the news that no real fans wanted to hear. Early on Wednesday morning, it was revealed by Clarence House that Prince Charles had been tested positive for the Coronavirus. The statement indicated that the Prince was tested on Monday after showing mild symptoms on Sunday evening.

The results for the test came through on Tuesday evening, but there has been an issue of calm. The announcement revealed that the heir to the throne was in good health, while the Duchess of Cornwall tested negative for the virus. The couple will stay in self-isolation in Scotland for the foreseeable future.

British Royal Family News: Unknown Where Charles Caught The Virus

The statement also revealed that it is unknown where Charles could have been infected, as he has been attending a lot of royal events throughout the past number of weeks. Only two weeks ago, Charles was in attendance at Buckingham Palace for an investiture ceremony. But many believe that the virus could have been picked up during a meeting with a royal from Monaco.

He met Albert of Monaco in that same week, with the Monaco royal testing positive for the disease late last week. Many had feared that Charles could have been infected during that meeting. Experts believed that he could have had the virus from the 13th March.

British Royal Family News: Last Interaction With The Queen

As soon as the statement was issued, many feared that the Queen could also have the virus. However, according to the schedules, the last time Prince Charles met the Queen was on the 12th March, which is a day before he apparently caught the virus.

It is believed that the Queen may now be tested as a precaution, however, no report has been made as of yet regarding whether the Queen has been showing any symptoms. She would be considered high risk as she is over the age of 70. There will be an update on this story in due course.