Univision Rubí Spoilers: Too dumb to live

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Univision Rubí spoilers indicate there was no episode Thursday night. Instead, viewers saw the Premios Lo Nuestro telecast. But there is plenty to talk about still. As this show nears the end, we want to take a look at a certain event from Wednesday that’s sure to play a big part tonight. Here’s what you need to know.

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Univision Rubí Spoilers: In the future

As we mentioned last time, there’s something crazy going on in the future. As Rubí Pérez Ochoa (Camila Sodi) prepares for a big visit, Carla Rangel (Ela Velden) is left locked in a room with her injured husband. The unplanned downtime gave her time to reflect on an event from the past. Will it end up coloring the rest of their interactions? We’ll have to what and see. But here’s what went down and why it didn’t have to.

Univision Rubí Spoilers: Childhood trauma

Carla, who’s really Rubí’s niece, Fernanda Pérez Ochoa (Valery Saís) went through a lot as a kid. She watched her mother, Cristina Pérez Ochoa (Tania Lizardo) fight with her Aunt Rubí. She listened to Rubí go on about the horrors of poverty and her disapproval of Cayetano (Antonio Fortier), too. Most recently, she lost her grandmother, Refugio Ochoa de Pérez (Mayrín Villanueva), something Cristina blames Rubí for and she made no secret of it. But one of the most distressing things has been the arrest of Cayetano. Rubí spoilers reveal Little Fernanda loved the guy. In the Wednesday episode, her mother promised she’d see him soon. Christina had every reason to believe that would be the case. She got a picture of some of the stolen goods that all but proves Cayetano didn’t do it. But Cristina wasn’t counting on the level of stupid that was to come.

Univision Rubí Spoilers: Tragic choice

We should have seen this one coming from a mile away. The writers were sure telegraphing how concerned Cristina was about Cayetano once he was transferred to a prison. She kept going on about all the horrible things that can happen there, and begged him to accept Arturo de la Fuente’s (Lisardo) help to get out. She even appealed to Rosa de la Fuente (María Fernanda García). Unfortunately, Cayetano was too proud to accept any help that might come his way. He was also too stupid to live.

After being warned about how dangerous it can be there, what’s he do? He ends up getting into it with his bigger, tougher roomie over the guy’s hygiene. Things escalate to the point they’re separated and the other guy’s hosed down. When he gets back, this isn’t forgotten. Rubí spoilers indicate the guy knifed Cayetano in their cell. We’re pretty sure he dies, given his seeming absence in the future, as well as the last shot of tears coming out of Cayetano’s eyes. While Rubi is definitely to blame for getting him there in the first place, we think it’s totally is more on Cayetano than Rubí.

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