TLC1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton’s Reaction To Amy Slaton Getting Approved For Weight Loss Surgery & What’s Next!

TLC 1000-lb Sisters spoilers finds that on the reality show, the sisters find out if they can qualify for the weight loss surgery. Amy was approved to get the surgery. This episode shows Amy Slaton getting the gastric bypass surgery.

At the beginning of the episode, you can tell that Tammy Slaton is very hurt and upset about Amy getting approved for the surgery and she did not. Tammy seems to be blaming her sister for not being successful. She is making up excuses as to what happened to her. She is very discouraged about the results.

TLC1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Can they or not be qualify for the weight loss surgery?

Amy calls their mother and tells her that she is approved for the surgery, but Tammy has to lose some more weight. Their mother seems to really not care about the results. She does not seem to be very supportive of the sisters throughout this season. Tammy is being very mean to Amy and she is having a lot of problems with the results. She is not talking or listening to anyone and just shutting down. Tammy is acting very childish and not happy for her sister. Tammy has decided to video chatted her online boyfriend, Jerry. She told him the results of the doctor’s appointment. Jerry tells her not to give up. He comforts her when she needs him. Tammy is worried about when Jerry actually meets her for the first time. Amy is very scared on the day of the surgery. Tammy is having issues with walking and getting around, which is not helpful for her trying to lose weight.

Amy expresses how scared she is of getting the surgery. Tammy tries to comfort her the best way she can. It is very sad to see Amy crying so much before the surgery. Maybe if her sister was with her, it would help make things easier for her. The doctor says the bypass will help Amy get rid of a lot of health issues that she has associated with obesity. After the surgery, Amy had a problem not eating only liquid foods. Amy could cause herself to die and she did not follow her diet. Dr. Proctor was very upset with Amy and she could have died over a bite of cake.The doctor is very worried. Find out what happens on 1000-lb Sisters. The show airs Wednesdays on TLC. Check your local listings for channels and times.

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