TLC Counting On Spoilers: Is the Rest of the Family Jealous of Jana Duggar?

TLC Counting On Spoilers tell that when you look at the Duggar family, they clearly have their own ideas about how they treat one another. It could be their religious beliefs, but it seems that the women in the family are treated much differently than the men in the family. Michelle Duggar has said before that it is the job of the woman to please her husband and take care of the kids. Interestingly enough, there are no Duggar women who have a full time job. They take care of their husband and kids. One of the Duggar women seems to be breaking these rules of marriage. She didn’t get married as young as her sisters did and she has yet to have any children. Some fans think that the other Duggar daughters could be jealous of her life.

TLC Counting On Spoilers: Why Are They Jealous?

Jana is 30 years old and still single. This is very unusual for the Duggar family. Most of the daughters were married and out of the house by the time they were 20. Some of the daughters even got married when they were teenagers! No one really knows why Jana is still single, but we know that she is very independent. Many say that there are some other issues going on with her and her parents and they may not want her to get married. Others think that she doesn’t want to do everything her sisters and brothers do and wants to get married when she feels that the time is right.

TLC Counting On Spoilers: Are Others Jealous of Jana?

On social media, her sister, Jessa Duggar, made the suggestion that Jana is too smart for any man! She said, “men are scared off by Jana’s slew of skills and jokes.” Is Jessa saying that because Jana is smart, she’s unattractive to men? This doesn’t seem to be a very sisterly way to talk about the sister you love, does it? There is a strange dynamic when it comes to the Duggar women and fans think that because Jana has chosen to not get married and have kids, they could be jealous of her freedom.

No matter what Jana has chosen for her marriage path, she should enjoy that she is single and doesn’t have to take care of a husband or family. She still has her freedom and independence and that is awesome! If her sisters do seem jealous, it could be because of their obligations to their family and children. Jana has said that she will continue with her hobbies and interests no matter what happens in her love life. For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.