TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Tell-All Stars Part 1 – Emily and Sasha, Anny & Robert, Michael & Juliana!

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TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers tell all aired on TLC on Sunday. In the beginning, the couples are really nervous coming into this show. Sasha met Emily when he was still married, and Emily said she asked him out when they met, but he said no. Then one day, he said yes to Emily. Betsy, Emily’s sister comes on the show as well to express how she feels about Sasha.

Emily expresses how hard it has been with Sasha. Betsy begins to describe how Sasha has these patterns with his wives that he has already had. Blake’s friends let Jasmin know how they feel about her and how they do not like her taking time away from them. Mike is alone at the tell-all. Mike is stressed out about it. Is there any unfinished business between the two of them.

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: All Stars- Part 1!

He said that he and Natalie have some differences that they need to work on. Mike said that he and Natalie are not in a good place. Angie is trying to figure out why Michael was denied the k-1 visa and what all needs to be done to get him one. Tania and Syngin are having issues with regard to Syngin getting a job.

Tania was in a car accident and she is recovering from it. Tania apparently likes to play with Syngin’s armpit hair, which the other couples found to be strange.Tania and the other couples discuss how she left to go to Costa Rica and just left him with his mom and her family. She was gone for a month. The couple talks about the baby timeline. She wants a lot of kids, and Syngin is not sure that he wants kids. They are constantly bumping heads about having children.

Robert discussed the money aspect of him and Anny’s relationship. Anny has had people say that she was a gold digger and only wanted Robert’s money. Anny and Bryson’s grandparents have issues with one another. They do not get along at all.

Juliana feels a little sad about the way she is living in the United States. Juliana said she sends money home to pay for the house her family lives in. She got really upset when she was talking about her family. Juliana discusses how Michael’s ex-wife Sarah and Juliana have grown closer. Michael tells the audience why the first marriage ended. Sarah said the marriage ended was because Michael was not faithful to his first wife.

Sarah said that Michael had some relationships that went beyond friendship. Sarah was shocked about the age difference between Juliana and Michael. Anna and Mursel are very happy together. There are some issues as far as communicating goes, but the two of them are very happy. Their cultural differences are causing problems with the two of them. Mursel is Muslim, so he is not okay with a lot of things that Anna has done. Anna is asked about her sons and how Mursel kept them a secret from his family.

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