Telemundo Operación Pacífico Spoilers: Jones and Pedraza to fight over Amelia?


Telemundo Operación Pacífico spoilers indicate there might be a bit of a rivalry ahead. We know that Amalia Ortega (Majida Issa) has some problems with Jorge Camacho (Luciano D’Alessandro). But things got even worse when she discovered him about to sleep with her sister, Mariana Ortega (Johanna Fadul). But is there something even worse than a cheating husband on her plate, guy-wise? And how will it impact her job? Here’s what you need to know.

Telemundo Operación Pacífico Spoilers: Piece of work

We’re not liking Jorge right now. After he nearly slept with Mariana, he seemed to be slightly regretful of it. But, he apparently wasn’t regretful enough. Operación Pacífico spoilers indicate that he was already trying to beat her to the punch for a divorce and custody suit. This is even after learning Amalia never arrived to the therapy appointment she herself called and begged for at the last minute. You’d think he’d spare a minute to wonder if she’s in trouble, if only by virtue of being the mother of his kids. It took him learning she had, in fact, be abducted for him to act at all worried. We can’t. Besides this, there will be even more on Amalia’s plate.

Telemundo Operación Pacífico Spoilers: Too many men

See, Operación Pacífico spoilers indicate that Gabriel Pedraza (Mark Tacher) is interested in Amalia. We’ve even seen her let her guard down around him and banter with him. We think it’s inevitable these two will get together. Unfortunately, there’s an even bigger complication coming her way.

A rescue mission proved successful, and Amalia is out of enemy hands. One of the people on this mission was particularly touched by the danger Amalia was in. Bradley Jones (Klemen Novak), part of her covert team, admitted how much her capture worried him, and he basically told her he had feelings for her. It was a “better say these things before it’s too late” kind of situation. Amalia seemed a bit stressed by this. And we’re sure she has a lot of reasons to be.

Telemundo Operación Pacífico Spoilers: Work problems

It’s not unusual for people in extreme situations to develop feelings, right? But in this case, it’s a problem. They’re working as a covert team, and there is no room for personal squabbles. But how can there not be when two men are interested in the same woman? A woman who is about to go through a messy divorce and clearly is falling for another team member. This has disaster written all over it. We expect, based on the look we saw on Jones’ face at one point, there will be a confrontation between the two men. And we expect Amalia to get caught in the middle.

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