EastEnders Spoilers: Shock After Character Dies During Boat Party

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The curtain finally came down on EastEnders’ 35th-anniversary specials this week, and fans were left shocked with the character that lost their life during the boat party. There was a lot of rumours throughout the week surrounding the person that would lose their life, but it was somebody that nobody expected.

Many of the episodes this week have centred around Sharon Mitchell and her affair with Keanu, and she will be the character most devastated by the death, as it was her son that drowned. Dennis Rickman was the person that was locked in the closet and was killed.

EastEnders Spoilers: Dennis Killed During Boat Party

Fans watched earlier in the week as Dennis was locked in the closet by Ian Beale. Ian locked him in the room after he had found out about the social media bullying that Dennis was taking part in. Ian’s son Bobby was the person at the centre of that storm, and he took revenge by locking Dennis in the room.

However, Ian could never have foreseen what could come later on, as he never intended to cause harm to Dennis. His actions could scupper any chances that he had of forming a romantic relationship with Sharon in the future, as she will never forgive him for his part in Dennis’ death.

EastEnders Spoilers: Ian Tries To Save Dennis

Ian tried to rush to Dennis’ safety later in the episode after the boat crashed following a brawl between Phil and Keanu. Ian went back down to the closet, but he had lost the keys. That would ultimately be the deciding moment, as he couldn’t break down the door fast enough to save Dennis’ life.

Ian managed to get in the room eventually, but it was too late. He picked up a lifeless Dennis, and it was later confirmed by medical staff that he was dead. Keanu was the person to break the news to Sharon, as he broke the news just after she had given birth. She then furiously declared that she never wanted to see Keanu again. Fans will have to continue watching next week to see the fallout from the disastrous boat party.

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