EastEnders Spoilers: Sharon Goes Into Labour

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Sharon Mitchell, as she has been in the middle of a family feud that doesn’t look likely to calm down anytime soon. However, things are going to escalate further next week when she goes into labour in the middle of an argument with Ben Mitchell.

The two Mitchell’s will be in the middle of a heated debate as Sharon admits to Ben that she will be moving away to raise her new child. However, she tells him that she will be moving away with Dennis, and didn’t mention the prospect of Keanu Taylor going with her.

EastEnders Spoilers: Will Sharon Run Away With Keanu

Fans witnessed the return of Keanu last week as he shocked the mother to be on her doorstep, before asking if he could come inside. She was in shellshock as she thought that he had been killed. She was even more shocked a few seconds later when he begged her to move away with him so that they can raise their child in peace.

Sharon wasn’t as surprised as other characters were as she knew that he was alive as Linda told her when she was drunk. However, seeing him on her doorstep and then him asking her to move away with him was a shock to the system. Fans aren’t sure yet whether she will leave Walford with Keanu.

EastEnders Spoilers: Sharon Goes Into Labour

Next week is a huge five days for EastEnders as they mark their 35th anniversary. The bosses have already confirmed that one character will be killed off during the special episodes, and Sharon could be in danger after telling Ben that she will be leaving.

However, before she can speak to Ben properly about her plans regarding moving away with Dennis, she falls to the floor. Fans will have to continue watching next week to see how this story plays out, and whether Sharon and Keanu run away together.