EastEnders Spoilers: Is Suki Finally Going To Be Exposed?

EastEnders viewers have been shocked over the past couple of weeks as Suki Panesar continues to lie about being ill with cancer. She has been lying in order to get her children to forgive her, and so that she can form a relationship with them. In the process, she has also gotten close with Shirley Carter, and she will be among those that are most hurt by the revelation.

Suki’s world could be about to come tumbling down over the coming weeks as Shirley Carter begins to become more suspicious surrounding how she is acting. Viewers immediately knew that there was something off about Suki when she arrived on the square, and now it would seem that the remainder of those in Walford will also find out.

EastEnders Spoilers: The Secret Will Come Out

Fans have been shocked at the levels that Suki would stoop to in order to manipulate those closest to her. However, Jean Slater will find out over the coming weeks that something may be off about her new friend. Suki’s family have already clashed over their mother in the past.

Ash was clear that she didn’t want to have any sort of relationship with her mother, but upon hearing news that her mother only had months to live, she softened her stance. Suki has been doing research about cancer symptoms throughout the charade, and that led to her becoming closer with Jean.

EastEnders Spoilers: Jean Catches Suki Out

In upcoming scenes, Suki will finally be caught out, as she is quizzed surrounding her diagnosis. During the questioning, Jean catches that something didn’t sound right and immediately expressed her fears to Shirley. Mo soon then finds out too, and all women begin thinking about past conversations that they have had with Suki.

They all fear that she could be lying about the diagnosis and fear that she has been leading her children down a merry road in order to get closer to them. Viewers will have to continue watching over the coming weeks to see whether they confront her about the situation.