CBS ‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Eric Braeden: Makin’ ‘Em laugh – Quite The Sense Of Humor

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CBS ‘The Young And The Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers find that it’s not too often we get to see blooper footage of our favorite soaps. I guess because there’s often so much that ends up on the cutting room floor at the end of the day, but there managed to be a few gems from Eric Braeden’s time at Y&R that seems to have survived that we have been graced with. You wouldn’t know it from just how seriously Victor Newman seems to take things, but the actor that plays him seems to have quite a sense of humor! This reel even had some very early, what looked to be maybe 1980’s footage on it where Victor was telling someone over the phone, “The sea got him and the sea kept him.” which was funny for reasons unknown to me because we were not a Y&R household growing up. There was also a really cute scene involving one of their children that had Braeden telling them, “No, Daddy doesn’t work with cards anymore.” which I assume meant cue cards.

CBS ‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Soap Diseases Are Too Sexy

In one take that made me crack up, Victor is obviously talking about a computer virus when he tells Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) that the same virus that is in the Newman system is also in the Jabot system and that they’ll both get diarrhea! Gotta agree with Victor here, for far too long in the history of soaps, diseases have had such delicate, sexy symptoms. But now in the new millennium soap writers could really embrace the hilarity of having a good old fashioned bout of explosive diarrhea happen to one of the characters. (Okay maybe leave that one for GH, where they’re equipped to handle that.) Seriously though, how funny would that be?

CBS ‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: “We’re Diminished, But We’re Okay.”

Apparently there was one outtake where it was suggested that child care was needed, all the while cracking up. When it came to the line about “diminished mental capacity” poor Braeden could barely hold it together, three takes and he still wasn’t okay! To further mess with him one of the crew piped up and said, “We’re diminished, but we’re okay.” to which Braeden cracked up all over again. At the end of it, Braeden did a small verbal dedication to the crew of Y&R but told the people in the booth what they could do with themselves. We feel this, Erc, we truly do. More soaps should release blooper reels! Youtube exists for a reason, guys! And this is just the kind of stuff that might draw in a new audience in, after all, everyone likes watching the fail video. Title it soap opera fails and just see how many hits you get. Stay tuned!!!

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