TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Why Natalie Mordovtseva Doesn’t Love Mike Youngquist?

TLC 90 day Fiancé spoilers finds that Natalie of Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva very publicly told the cameras that she doesn’t love Mike. The way she expressed it was that she had feelings that could grow towards love, but there wasn’t any actual love yet. It kind of made us as an audience do a double-take because so far, Natalie’s been pretty gung-ho about Mike. And I’m sure all of us are finding it hard to believe that Natalie would just want to have a baby with someone whom she didn’t love, especially if she’s as Orthodox as she claims to be–

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Wait.

There was also the whole big debacle where Natalie took Mike to her church. Now, Mike looks to be a confirmed atheist. He stood in front of Natalie and told her that he could not tell her that he believed in God. No judgement, at all, some people believe some people don’t, and that’s just the way life is. However, it looks like Natalie was very, very broken by this. She told him that taking him to her church was basically her opening her soul to him, and that when he rejected that part of her, she felt like she had made a mistake.

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Why Natalie doesn’t love Mike?

For some people, religion can be a really, really deep, emotional connection and it looks like for Natalie, that’s exactly what that is. It also looks like when Mike rejected that, he rejected a very deep, emotional part of Natalie and that could be why she doesn’t feel love for him. She seems to have cooled off since the whole church incident. Before then, they would fight but there was never anything really that big involved in their disagreements. This however, this seems to be introduced a deep divide that may not can be overcome.

Lots of couples split over religious issues. It’s not as common as it once was but it’s not a rare occurence. I’ve known people before when I was younger whose parents refused to let them date outside their religion. I’m surprised that Natalie even gave Mike the time of day when it came to him not being religious, in fact I’m amazed this discussion has not happened way before they even met each other. But considering how Mike kept the fact that he is in major debt from Natalie, is anything that surprising?

However religion goes beyond monetary issues. Money can be acquired and debt can eventually be paid off. You cannot however make someone believe in an entity that they do not want to believe in. Also, Natalie wants to have kids with Mike as soon as possible, or, at least she did. I think that she possibly wanted to raise her child religious as well and that’s where this sudden lack of love is coming from. If it were just going to be her and Mike, then it may not be such a big issue, but the fact that she wants to bring a life into this, an innocent life that she wants to share her way of life with, that makes things very, very complicated.

If Mike converted tomorrow, would Natalie say she loved him? Maybe not. However, I think that at least on Natalie’s end it would solve a lot of her emotional qualms about the relationship. A part of Natalie, the part that wants to get this over and done with and wants to have a baby would definitely feel better. I honestly don’t think it’s Natalie herself that feels any type of way over religion, I do however think that the part of her that wants to raise a child in a certain fashion does not feel comfortable with Mike any longer and that’s why she’s not “in love” with him. Maybe that’s what she meant by overcoming great obstacles. Maybe they can come to an agreement about this, who knows? But if I were Natalie I wouldn’t make any plans for Mike to be sitting in a church pew next to her every Sunday anytime soon. Guess we’ll just have to stay tuned!!!

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