TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Is Syngin Really Asking For Too Much?

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers finds that Syngin and Tania has gotten a little possessive – at least according to Tania, but… has he really? Let’s unpack this. He came over from a totally different country, left his job and his family behind to come and be with Tania in order to marry her. She’s here for around 60 days and then realizes, “Oh hey, I still have to go on this 30 day retreat to Costa Rica and you can’t come because you’re here trying to get a visa in order to marry me” she knew that Syngen was coming and she still booked this retreat. I realize that it was for work and may have been unavoidable, but could she not have post-poned it? Were there not other retreats that she could have gone on, at least while Syngen was here?

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Syngin has respect for Tania

Meanwhile, Syngin is stuck hanging out with her Mom, her Mom because the poor guy has absolutely no friends here. You can tell that he’s just not playing the night life scene out of respect for Tania. In his home country he’s a bartender so it’s not like he’s some fedora-wearing incel who couldn’t get a date. From what we can tell, Syngin has a fair amount of game. All he wants Tania to do is to check in with him periodically. And this is apparently “too much” but is it, really?

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Does Tania realize that she’s getting married?

Consensus says that it’s really not. I don’t think Tania realizes the gravity of the situation that she’s gotten herself into. She’s planning on marrying this guy. It’s not wrong for Syngin to ask for a little respect when it comes to their relationship. He said that he didn’t need an hour’s phone conversation, he just wanted to know when she had gotten in from the bar. Just literally “Hey, I’m home. Good night!” Did he prevent her from going out? No. Did he put his foot down and demand that she not go on her retreat? No, because he realized that that would be getting in the way of the life that she already had planned out. He was being very supportive, he’s just asking for a little respect.

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: It takes two to tango, ya’ll. Respect goes both ways.

Yes, Tania and Syngin did hook up at a bar when they were single and maybe that’s why he wants some confirmation that he is indeed the one. Unfortunately for Syngin, Tania isn’t a very comforting girlfriend. She didn’t even see his side of the story when he called and told her all he needed was for her to check in when she had gotten in from the bar, she just shut him down. Tania hasn’t really realized that there’s more than one person in this relationship yet and that may be detrimental to her down the road. Sure, she may have just been out with her girls, dancing and drinking… but why add to any suspicion? Why drive an unneccessary wedge in between you and the person that you love? Her tirade on the phone to Syngen certainly didn’t make her very likeable, that’s for sure. Will Tania and Syngen be able to stay together? Can Tania get it together to provide Syngen with the validation that he deserves? Stay tuned!!!

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