Sony’s ‘Morbius’: Starring Jared Leto – First Teaser Trailer Shows Us MCU Connections!

Sony's 'Morbius' Starring Jared Leto - First Teaser Trailer Shows Us MCU Connections!

Sony’s first teaser trailer for Morbius is out! Just from the first glimpses of this film, we’re left with several questions. Are there connections with the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Is J.K. Simmons portraying J. Jonah Jameson again? What and who is Michael Keaton in this film? It has twisted our minds and we may not get the answers we desire until it is released. This is going to be a long few months until we see it if that’s the case! Although, this may be the best way for Sony to go about this. Leading us on with questions will surely get us to the theatre, and we haven’t even mentioned Jared Leto’s name yet! There’s so much to get to in this teaser so let’s start breaking some of it down.

Sony’s ‘Morbius’ Starring Jared Leto – First Teaser Trailer Shows Us MCU Connections!

The very first question in the YouTube comments, “Is this part of the MCU?”. While it seems like a simple question, it is a loaded one. While Sony and Marvel have been in an awkward back and forth with Spider-Man, it seems they’ve settled some disagreements. Not only do we see images of Spider-Man on the wall in the teaser, but this also comes from the same studio that brought us Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Venom! While they are separate from Marvel Studios, I do believe that this will one way or another be related to the MCU. It may not be a direct addition, but it will lay its groundwork as having connections.

Is J.K. Simmons Back?

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy gave us some of the best performances ever. Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin, and Alfred Molina’s perfect performance as Doc Oc, and then, of course, there’s J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. Simmons embodied the role and seemed exactly as the character would on a comic book page. On IMDB, the actor is listed as the role but followed with a “rumored” tag. This would be an enormous treat for viewers and could tie together all of the Spider-Man films. They were able to capture it perfectly in the animated film, so why not for this?

I See You, Michael Keaton!

Thought you could hide from us at the end of that, didn’t you? Perhaps a surprising role was seeing Keaton in the trailer for Morbius. Why was he there though? Was it just the studio giving an amazing actor they had worked with before a bone or is this part of something bigger. I’m going to say it. The Sinister Six! Perhaps Keaton is his character from Spider-Man: Homecoming, and we haven’t seen the last of Vulture yet! This would be such a delight to see brought to life. Keaton brings a smile to people’s faces, and this could also pave the way for Tom Hardy’s Venom to be brought in. Make this happen!

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