Decisiones: Unos ganan, otros pierden spoilers—Scam turns deadly

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Decisiones: Unos ganan, otros pierden spoilers reveal there more love gone wrong. In another Lifetime movie twist, a woman realizes her man isn’t the person she thought. This is the third one in a row to have a similar theme. However, this one has a bit of a different ending. Lets take a look at how things went down.

Decisiones: Unos ganan, otros pierden spoilers—Moving day

Much like the last episode, a woman named Elsa moves to another country to be with a man. Except this one isn’t at all what she thinks. The main star of the episode is José. He’s a cop, or so he says.

The older Elsa moves in with him and things seem great at first glance. However, soon things get strange. For one, he seems a bit fixated on money, and he gets a bit offended when she refuses to open a bank account in his name. He’d suggested doing this because she lacked the necessary I.D. when they showed up at the bank. We think that was a smart move, and he was an idiot for making such a big deal of the issue. But that’s not it. The crazy ante is upped when her dogs turns up dead, and he freaks out on her after staying out all night. What she doesn’t know is, he’s hiding a dark secret.

Decisiones: Unos ganan, otros pierden spoilers—Peligroso

This guy is a massive walking red flag. She finally decides to start digging and discovers he’s a dangerous guy. Decisiones: Unos ganan, otros pierden spoilers reveal he was, in fact, a cop. However, a violent incident left him off-duty and under orders to get a psyche evaluation. When Elsa discovers this, she wants out. Now. Sadly, this was a gamble she didn’t win.

Decisiones: Unos ganan, otros pierden spoilers—Tragic end

The final straw is when he gets a call during dinner. Elsa had enough of the ringing phone and swiped it herself. The caller turns out to be yet another woman he has on the side. She’s furious to learn he’s cheating and wants to leave. But Decisiones: Unos ganan, otros pierden spoilers indicate he doesn’t take losing well. He ends up taking her to a remote location, where he kills her. What makes it worse? He’s already got his side chick moving in and she eventually has enough of the accusations he had something to do with Elsa’s disappearance. She pushes hard enough where he strangles her too. In a creepy twist, his mom knows he’s been hurting these women but she’s too protective of her little sociopath to do anything. Luckily for the poor, unfortunate next in line, he didn’t actually kill her. She’s still breathing when the cops catch on and stop his car.

Decisiones: Unos ganan, otros pierden spoilers—Side note

This episode starred Sebastián Caicedo as José. He’s an actor who’s also done the Telemundo reality series Exatlón. He also happens to be the husband of another Telemundo star, Carmen Villalobos. She played Catalina Santana in the Paraíso franchise. This is the first time we got to see Sebastián in action. But we have to say, he did an excellent job. He was charming enough in the part so you got why these women fall into his trap. However, his mood swings were downright creepy and gave him an intimidating presence. We’re looking forward to seeing what he does in the future.

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