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Check Out the Teaser for Better Call Saul Season 5

Check Out the Teaser for Better Call Saul Season 5


Better Call Saul fans, you’ll be excited to know that the series will be back next month! The series stars Bob OdenkirkGiancarlo Esposito, Rhea Seehorn, and Jonathan Banks among others and is a sequel to now concluded AMC hit series Breaking Bad. It begins a few years prior to chemistry teacher Walter White’s entry into New Mexico’s drug scene as a dealer. 

A Refresher on Better Call Saul 

Picking up in 2003, season four starts with Jimmy McGill—living in Omaha, Nebraska as a Cinnabon manager. As expected, Jimmy—now known as Gene Takovic—isn’t pleased with how his life is going and wants to practice law. After all, he went through a bit going from bit criminal to legal eagle.   He managed to turn his life around for a time as a lawyer before ending up neck-deep with the rise of several crime lords in Alburquerque. Everything was going to be derailed eventually considering who he was involved with in Better Call Saul and how things evolve throughout the course of Breaking Bad 

It’s interesting that it’s told from the perspective of the lawyer who is going into his rise and transformation. Often when we get crime dramas, the focus is either on the criminals or the law enforcers. So, Better Call Saul—I’m like the flavor of this show more so than Breaking Bad which was a bit of a task to get into fully. 

Catching Up With Season 4 

This season goes into the events following the death of Chuck McGill, an accomplished lawyer, partner at the HHM law offices, and Jimmy’s brother. As mentioned before, around Jimmy, we everyone’s making moves in the Alburquerque underworld.  

His involvement as a public defender during this time puts him on the wrong side of the law. It also impacts everyone around him who isn’t directly involved in the underworld. This season also gave us the origin of Jimmy’s new name: Saul Goodman. 

While what’s going on with a disbarred Jimmy is interesting, the real meat of the season was the feud between Gus Fring and Hector Salamanca as they both build their bases in the city.  

Check Out The Season 5 Trailer 

Season five of Better Call Saul drops Sunday, February 23. It will continue the ten-episode run of previous seasons meaning it should end April 20. Earlier this month, director Thomas Schnauz said that season five wouldn’t be the final season. We’ll see how Jimmy, a lawyer who took several L’s recreates himself as problem solver Saul Goodman. You can check the season five trailer below. 

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