‘Bloodshot’ Trailer Starring Vin Diesel – Coming March 2020

'Bloodshot' Trailer Starring Vin Diesel - Coming March 2020

The new trailer for Bloodshot, starring Vin Diesel is out. It looks like an enjoyable action flick, sort of. The only issue I see is just this genre may be getting a bit stale. While this seems more like a classic 90’s action film with better CGI I’m just not sure how viewers will respond to another film of Diesel being Diesel. That’s not to get down on the guy either, hell I like him. He seems like a down to Earth, Dungeons and Dragons playing guy and Pitch Black is still one of my favorite sci-fi films. How long can he keep doing the same schtick though?

‘Bloodshot’ Trailer Starring Vin Diesel – Coming March 2020

When I say that this feels like a 90s action flick, I mean this feels like Universal Soldier. Like, exactly like Universal Soldier. A soldier gets gunned down, and a science mogul figures out a way to reanimate them and use this force as a key to his game. Once again, I’m okay with this, I love that film too. I’m genuinely into those over the top, cheesy action films. Although, with Diesel, in 2020, I’m not sure this is going to hit. Now, I could, of course, be way off and this film makes all the money, but I’m not sure people have enough left to watch him after the course of 19 years of Fast and the Furious.

The ‘Bloodshot’ Trailer Isn’t Terrible

I know it seems like I’m just taking a dump on the film, and it’s not even out yet but I just have some reservations. With that said, the trailer doesn’t make it look bad at all. The effects look really interesting and cool! The overall vibe of the movie feels cool. Whether they were going for “cheesy 90s action, with good effects” or not is up for debate.

It also has something else going for it. The comics! No, this isn’t Marvel or DC but part of Valiant Comics. And not just part of it, one of it’s most popular characters. Bloodshot has sold over 7 million copies worldwide and has a huge fan base waiting to see this film. Knabbing Diesel for the lead role isn’t a bad thing for the studio and it seems to have a good supporting cast with the likes of Guy Pearce and Sam Heughan! If you aren’t familiar with the comics, like me, this still seems like an enjoyable movie experience. Regardless of whether or not it makes a ton of money. Bloodshot releases March 13 this year!

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