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Will Smith Talks Celebrity in The Shop

Will Smith Talks Celebrity on HBO’s The Shop

LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s HBO show, The Shop, is a pretty interesting talk show depending on the guests and topic. Some episodes can be great throughout whereas others either take a bit before warming up or start off hot before cooling off. Honestly, it all depends if you’re interested in the guests and what they’re talking about. 

Will Smith on The Shop Episode 8

Case in point is episode eight which features Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Chance the Rapper, CC Sabathia, and Paul Rivera. As with any talk show, it can be the hosts who draw you in but other times, it’s the guests and as a Will Smith fan I figured “This should be interesting.” 

As it turns out, it was. He went into his daughter, Willow, touring with Jay-Z, of course, Bad Boys was discussed, but the interesting topic he touched on was the importance of social media and how it changed things for entertainers. I mean, it changed things for athletes, artists, news, roughly everything. His main point was how it was the equalizer in talent controlling their image and narrative. 

Outside of the Willow story which was funny, hearing about how entertainers and athletes take to and appreciate social media will always be interesting to me. We’re in a time where people still disregard social media or feel that it does more harm than good. Or at the minimum, they don’t care for a specific network. 

So, this was refreshing because Will Smith really delivers on social media. He’s mastered it and you get some gold out of him often—as well as Chrissy Teigen. Check out this clip from the film star discussing controlling your narrative. 

Also, check out The Shop, episode seven which features Gavin Newsom, P. Diddy, and Rick Rubin is really good.