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What Does The Walking Dead: World Beyond's Trailer Tell Us

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Trailer Questions

The trailer for The Walking Dead: World Beyond has me sold. I dig most things The Walking Dead but the spin-off Fear the Walking Dead is my current jam out of the franchise. With that said, where’s Tobias? He was ready for the zombie apocalypse before everyone else accepted that this is what it is. Five seasons in and no Tobias. It’s a shame, really. 

The Walking Dead: World Beyond 

However, The Walking Dead: World Beyond is keeping the formula of the franchise as the base to tell fresh stories. That formula being that the walkers are more like weather or a reoccurring disaster and the real threat are other humans. 

That’s basically what The Walking Dead is but it built up to this as the seasons went on. In the original series, we got an inkling of that with Shane and Rick going at it over Lori. The first few seasons saw the survivors gradually breaking and jeopardizing whatever camp they had established before our first outside threat came in the form of The Governor. 

That was three seasons in. Then things just escalated and quickly The Governor doesn’t seem like the worst person Rick and company ran into.  

With The Walking Dead: World Beyond, I’m expecting viewers to be taken on a pace different from the two shows before it. Fear the Walking Dead gave us a change in pace but we’ve been through ten seasons TWD and five of Fear TWD. That same pacing and build will have to bring something new. 

A Few Questions 

What we know so far is that World Beyond takes place ten years into the apocalypse and focuses on a new wave of survivors who grew up during this period.

My main question is: where will the new series take place? TWD has been focused in the deep south and mid-Atlantic region whereas Fear TWD was based around Mexico and the southwest.  There’s nothing stopping World Beyond from taking place in those areas since it’s ten years after things started but a new setting would be interesting. Probably the northwest or Canada. Who knows? 

Another question is will characters crossover from the other two series or what? If the series is ten years in will it run alongside TWD and Fear TWD? It will interesting to see how The Walking Dead: World Beyond takes off without spoiling the future for the current series. 

Check out the trailer below.