TLC OutDaughtered Spoilers: Adam & Danielle Busby Present Christmas With the Quints – Busby Family Meet Santa Claus!

TLC OutDaughtered Spoilers: Adam & Danielle Busby Present Christmas With the Quints - Busby Family Meet Santa Claus!

TLC OutDaughtered spoilers finds that the Busby family loves the holidays and they want to make sure that the quints have a good one this year. Last year, they moved into their new home and the quints had such good memories of Christmas in that house. Now Adam and Danielle Busby are trying to give the girls a holiday that they will remember forever!

TLC OutDaughtered Spoilers: Shopping For Each Other

Danielle wants the girls to be able to know what Christmas really means. Last year, she had Blayke shop for all of the quints, but this year, she wanted to take them shopping for Blayke. Danielle took all five girls to the store and it got a little crazy. Just as children do, they immediately found things that they wanted for Christmas and not what Blayke would like. Danielle made it a point to ask the girls what their sister would like, not them. She said she did coach them a little bit, but she honestly wants them to know what the holiday giving spirit is.

TLC OutDaughtered Spoilers: Christmas With the Quints

Adam and Danielle also mention that the girls keep talking about how they want to go back to their old house. They still have wonderful memories of the home and ever since the move, they have been talking about going back there. Danielle wants to try to get the house ready for Christmas and get all of the decorations up before she has her oral surgery. She thinks that once everything is up and decorated, the quints will feel like the new house is more of their home now.

We also get to see the quints practicing for their Christmas play. The Christmas play is something they do each year together. They rehearsed their songs, such as Jingle Bells, and their dance moves. Danielle and Adam mentioned that every year they seem to get horrible stage fright and Riley even mentioned how she wanted to go to the other house instead of going to the play.

The quints ended up doing fantastic at the Christmas play and only one of them really got stage fright. Parker started crying while they were performing on stage and Adam and Danielle got very emotional saying that they wish that there was something they could have done to help her feel better. The show went on and for the most part, the quints did an awesome job and really showed off the full spirit of Christmas. Even though the show is on hiatus currently, you can check out the Busby’s YouTube channel and their Instagram accounts.

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