TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Mike & Natalie Want To Make Babies… What’s Wrong With This Picture?

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Mike & Natalie Want To Make Babies… What’s Wrong With This Picture?

TLC 90 day Fiancé Spoilers is saying that, when we saw Mike and Natalie we instantly started rooting for them. Their relationship seemed genuine, they had great chemistry and they were just so supportive of each other. I’m always kind of wary of amazingly beautiful women from foriegn lands because they usually come in a very pretty, gold-digging, package. But Natalie seemed different, she seemed sweet and she seemed genuinely into Mike, and vice versa. They made, and arguably still make, a good couple… but there’s a couple of things that are a little bit worrisome.

90 day Fiancé Spoilers: The Price is Not Right

Mike still hasn’t been entirely honest with Natalie about one big elephant in the room and that is the amount of debt he’s in. He doesn’t want to start having babies right now because as we all know, having kids takes a lot of money. Arguably, one will never be fully ‘ready’ to have a kid, at least not financially but at the very least one can get in better financial health so that the transition into parenthood is easier. He has the right idea, but it looks like Natalie would rather they forego breakfast and get right down to business and make babies on the kitchen table, yike! Nat, with all due respect I think your Mom might have a problem with that, even as cool as she is.

90 day Fiancé Spoilers: In case of the ex 

It looks like there is a cultural difference between the US and the rest of the world when it comes to exes. In the US we like to hold onto the past relationships, even if we haven’t had children with the person, you’ll at least see evidence of the person who has previously been in our lives. There’ll be pictures, past gifts, social media photos. It looks like that is just a US thing because in other countries – that’s not a thing! So when Mike brought up Natalie’s ex-husband on their little running excursion, she got really, really angry. In the US we would’ve seen his comment as a joke. But Natalie saw it as a personal affront, she did not like being reminded of her ex one bit.

90 day Fiancé Spoilers: The past is past… until your BFF brings it up at dinner!

I’m amazed that she didn’t go off on her friend for bringing up her broken heart at dinner, but I guess being her best friend, she goes by a slightly different set of rules. But that could bring up a different can of worms altogether, what if Natalie has other friends? Friends who don’t like Mike all that much? Will they continue to bring up her ex just to make him uncomfortable? It’s obvious that Nat’s friend got in his head, or he wouldn’t have brought up her ex at all. Still, Natalie needs a lesson in American humor because he was obviously joking.

90 day Fiancé Spoilers: Mike and Natalie are ‘real’

All in all though, I still think they’re a good couple and I am rooting for them because out of all the couples they seem to be the most real with each other. You can tell that they really care about each other and that they are genuine friends outside of just being attracted to one another. I would watch a series about their journey as a couple, I think they have the most potential to be happy together. So… can they keep it together? Guess we’ll just have to stay tuned!!!

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