‘The Young & The Restless’ Spoilers – What Do We Know About Amanda Sinclair?

‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers notes that Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) made quite the splash when she returned to ‘The Young & The Restless’ in September. Many viewers thought they were seeing reincarnation. Or something like an actual zombie. It all ended with more shock when we discovered her name was Amanda. Immediately we all assumed she must have been a long lost twin of Hilary Curtis! We learned quickly that she was there to discuss a will of recently deceased Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper), who had left the majority of her fortune to Devon Hamilton (Bryton James).

Devon was as surprised when he opened his door as the rest of us were! We can’t imagine the shock and terrifying feeling he must have felt when he saw a woman that was a dead ringer for his deceased wife. While this was important information for Devon, it’s understandable how he had a hard time taking this all in. Seeing a woman at your door who is a literal, physical embodiment of your wife.

‘The Young & The Restless’ – What Do We Know About Amanda Sinclair?

Appearently, there had been another will that Devon was unaware of, and it was her job to pass the news to him. Little did she know the situation of what she walking into. Walking into someone’s home and hearing that you are a dead-ringer for their late wife would be hard to hear. She worked through it beautifully though, like a true professional.

Amanda had to hold a meeting, where she presented the real will. She revealed to everyone that Katherine’s fortune was actually left to Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard). No one could believe this revelation and worse of all, couldn’t believe Amanda.

‘The Young & The Restless’ – Is Amanda Hilary’s Twin Or Just A Familiar Face?

Everyone has reservations and couldn’t believe who Amanda was. Eventually, she was proven to be legitimate, and clearly not Hilary. This was a tough pill for everyone to swallow. With everyone acting so odd around her, Amanda thought it best that leave town. Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) eventually convinced Amanda to stick around and ended up getting her help for his own trial. She went on to help Nate win his trial, and he stood up for her to Devon in particular who couldn’t get past her look.

Recently, she’s been seen hanging around a bar with Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and ended up revealing a little bit of her past. Appearently she was orphan and grew up in foster homes. Meanwhile, Devon tried digging into her past himself and discovered she had a fiancé with whom had filed restraining orders against each other. What will we find out about Amanda next? Is the long lost twin conspiracy still a possibility and how long will she end up sticking around?

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