‘The Young & The Restless’: Cast Play A Game Of Would You Rather!

‘The Young & The Restless’ (Y&R) stars often get associated with their characters. Seeing them portray a character, every day for years can sometimes make you forget about the actual actor. It can often be surprising to remember that they are in-fact not those people. Every now and then we are treated to talk shows that have fun games or discussions so we can see the actor for who they truly are.

‘The Young & The Restless’: Cast Play A Game Of Would You Rather!

On The Young & The Restless YouTube page, actors of the show gathered together to play a classic game of would you rather. Sean Dominic (Dr. Nate Hastings), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman), Christel Khalil (Lily Winters), Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Lawson), Tracey Bregman (Lauren Fenmore Baldwin), Michael Mealor (Kyle Abbot), and Sasha Calle (Lola Rosales) were all participates of the game.

From the tough questions like, “would you rather have an evil twin or be an evil twin?”, to straight forward “would you rather be in a cake fight or fistfight?”, you can hear each of their answers to these brain twisters.


‘The Young & The Restless’: Would You Rather – Storylines?

Perhaps the most fun about the game is the potential for storylines. Or, storylines that have already taken place. Like changing your face to avoid a crime you committed or framing your friend for what you did. Nothing seems out of the realm of possibility in The Young & The Restless so this makes for a fun exercise in what-ifs.

It’s funny that as you watch the video, and everyone’s answers, how close they come together. Almost every question was answered unanimously the same! It’s probably that they’re all on the same frame of mind from being on set so long together. Though it did seem like a lot of the questions were a bit one-sided. Either way, it was a fun game, and interesting to see these actors outside of their characters.

Did you play along with the questions at home? Did you agree with a lot of their answers? I was about 50/50, but that’s the fun of the game!

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