'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers Update: Connor Newman's Troubles Escalate - Chelsea & Adam Ponder Future - Victoria's Christmas Surprise For Billy

‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Spoilers update for Wednesday, December 11th, indicate that Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) says that as far as job hunting goes, he will do it himself instead of letting Victoria Newman (Amanda Heinle) do it for him. He wants things to be fun, though. Luckily, Victoria has a surprise for him in the form of a trip to Telluride for Christmas, and Reed is meeting them there. It looks like Billy had other plans though. He wanted to spend Christmas in town and leave on the 27th instead but he’ll be kind of taken aback to hear that everything is already planned and he didn’t get a say in it, he wanted to go to the beach. Vikki has to work and an obviously disappointed Vikki will tell him that they will have to table the discussion for now.

‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers for December 11th: Connor Newman doesn’t want Sharon to come anymore

Much to Connor Newman’s (Judah Mackey) dismay, Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) will show up at the penthouse for fun and games. However, he wants his Mom and Dad to play too, but Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) has to go meet with Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) is busy as well but he’s still at home so he heads upstairs. Connor has already told her that she didn’t need to come around anymore and asks her why she’s even there. Sharon asks him if he’s having a bad day to which he answers with a sick burn and tells her that it was just fine until she showed up.. Sharon tries to make him feel better by playing a card game with him but he swipes the cards out of her hand and onto the floor, and then when Adam comes down from upstairs he tells them that he doesn’t like Sharon anymore and that she’s mean and has told him the monster is coming back and this time no one can stop it.

Meanwhile, Nick thanks his parents for watching little Christian Newman (Alex Wilson) who’s in the kitchen on the ranch. Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) insenses his son by asking just what on earth he’s going to do now that Chelsea basically unied his political career. He also doesn’t fail to point out that now, the two people that he sacrificed his political career for are now living with Adam. It would seem that sick burns run in the family. After Victor leaves, Nick concedes to his Mom, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) that it really disappointed him to have to end his poilitcal campaign and that makes Nikki wonder if Chelsea even knows how much her choices have affected him. 

It doesn’t look good for Chelsea Newman during this conversation and Nick knows that, he also knows what his Mom is saying is true and that Chelsea does make it hard for anyone to trust her. But Nick knows exactly what he signed on for so he’s kind of between a rock and a hard place. After Nikki leaves the room she’ll have a talk with Victor and tell him that it’s pretty obvious that Nick and Chelsea weren’t meant to be together and Victor agrees. Nikki will compliment him on the new leaf he’s turned over and also express appreciation that Billy Abbott has tried to address his issues as well.

Nick Newman goes to meet Chelsea at Society with the intention of having a good night, but that quickly devolves into them sniping at each other after Chelsea gives up an update on the Connor situation, he wonders if Chelsea living there isn’t making the situation worse, of course Chelsea gets offended and criticizes his parenting choices and then Nick snarks about her living with her ex until Connor goes off to college and he implies that Adam is benefitting from this.

Chelsea argues that the only one who’s benefitting is Connor and that is the only man she’s thinking of right now. Nick is willing to salvage the evening but Chelsea gets a text about Connor (from Adam, who else) and promptly jets off. Victoria, who was at Society as well during this whole fight, joins her brother afterward and says that either Chelsea is with him or with Adam, there is no in-between. Billy had left Society for the dive bar and while he’s not drinking, he just came for the no pressure atmosphere, he starts to feel a bit bad about the way he treated Victoria earlier so he agrees to go to Telluride with her.

Sharon has left the penthouse and is now at Crimson Lights, she’s worried about Connor because he doesn’t seem to trust her at all anymore and that doesn’t bode well Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) tells her that in this case she needs to trust her training and instincts. Adam then shows up and informs Sharon about what little Connor told him and then tells her that Connor is way worse off than they thought and that he’s going to get together with Chelsea and have a talk with Connor about how lying and manipulating won’t be tolerated When Adam leaves, sharon frets further about Connor wishing that she wasn’t right and Rey says that given who Connor’s parents are, she’s his best hope. (Is it ‘sick burn’ day on Y&R?)

Nikki will inform Victor of how Nick and Chelsea’s dinner turned out and wonders if her talking to Chelsea would make any difference. Victor jokes about being told not to interfered and Nikki realizes that he’s right, and they have a sweet embrace. Nick then shows up to pick up Christian and tells his Mom that he knows what he has to do now. Ooh, do we like the sound of that?

Meanwhile at the penthouse Chelsea will wonder if she should be moving in after all and Adam says that the only time that Connor has ever made progress was when they were together and Chelsea agrees, he’ll also think they need to present a united front when it comes to he issue of Sharon. Meanwhile, Billy tells Victoria that his ‘workout’ was good (a lie!) and then she offers to wash his back in the shower… stay tuned for some steamy shower scenes!

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