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The Rain Season 2 Trailer

Watch Later List: The Rain Season 2 Trailer

So, Netflix renewed Danish sci-fi thriller The Rain for a third and final season. The first season dropped in spring 2018 and is one of those sleeper shows on the service. Season two keeps up much of what the debut season brought to the table. 

The Rain Season 2 Trailer 

It’s not a fast-paced series at all but it not syrupy slow. The Rain alternates the pace in season one with the viewer being dropped into day one of virus rain falling. A researcher gathers his family and heads to a bunker, giving the children little information about why.  

With our two protagonists and siblings Simone and Rasmus having to live in a bunker for six years, this is where it slows down. The majority of the first episode will test your staying power. However, I didn’t really expect The Rain to be a thrill-ride throughout. Daredevil and The Punisher this is not.  

The pacing of the show does allow for backstory to sink in. Some of the stuff such as Simone and Rasmus’ parents and their involvement with Apollon is worth sitting through the pacing. Then you have some of the other flashbacks for characters who aren’t that interesting to start but you’re given more of them. 

Season two moves the story along somewhat faster. There’s one flashback since the important characters were established in the first season. Plus, it’s two episodes short at six, so it’s a case of picking up the pace to tell the story.  

Relationships are a big part of season one and are explored in the second season of The Rain. They’re not the biggest focus of what’s going on with a virus, an injured group member, a paramilitary force, and survivors who have gone feral all being issues to deal with. That said, The Rain delves into it well-enough without this turning into a post-apocalyptic romance show. 

Give the trailer a watch.