New Horror Film ‘Antlers’ Brings Wendigo Myth To Life – Produced By Guillermo Del Toro

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New Horror Film 'Antlers' Brings Myths To Life - Produced By Guillermo Del Toro

Antlers is a new horror film from Scott Cooper that tells the legendary myth of the wendigo. A small-town Oregon teacher and her brother, the local sheriff, become entwined with a young student harboring a dangerous secret with frightening consequences.

Myths, creepypastas and urban legends have haunted us for as long as time. Stories passed down through generations to keep children behaving or teach lessons. We’ve had some of these frightening stories brought to life in film and television, but rarely have we seen the wendigo. A wendigo is a mythological man-eating creature or evil spirit from the folklore of the Native American Algonquian tribes based in the northern forests of Nova Scotia. Now, director Scott Cooper (Out of the Furnace, Hostiles) and producers Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy, Shape of Water) and David S. Goyer (Blade, The Dark Knight) bring the terrifying story to life. Starring Keri Russell (Mission Impossible: III) as a small-town teacher, Jesse Plemons (The Irishman) as the town sheriff and young newcomer Jeremy T. Thomas (Lore), Antlers looks to terrify us with tension and imagery.

New Horror Film ‘Antlers’ Brings Myths To Life – What We Know From The Trailer

The trailer is excellently cut and doesn’t give too much about the film away. Though, what is there to know? A mythical creature is tearing people apart and eating them. Well, there’s much more to it. For instance, why is Lucas (Jeremy T. Thomas) harboring the creature and bringing it dead animals to feast on? Does it have a bargain with the wendigo? How did this “bond” begin?

The second thing we can find from the trailer is Lucas seems to live alone, or at the very best with terrible parents. Julia (Keri Russell) explains to her brother Paul (Jesse Plemons) that he has no one else, and feels she is responsible for him. Convinced Lucas is hiding something, she investigates further. This will seemingly end badly for her or her brother. We see her in the mine that the myths say the creature came from. Why and for what she went down there for will be found out eventually, but for now we’ll chop it up to a bad life decision.

New Horror Film ‘Antlers’ Brings Myths To Life – The Wendigo

We even get to see a tiny glimpse of the creature! Throughout the beginning, we see tiny glances at some kind of creature in the upstairs of Lucas’s home, or where he’s hiding the creature anyways. However, in the mine, we get a full image of the terrifying beast and it is terrifying. Could the creature that Lucas is feeding be one of his parents? According to some legends the Wendigo chose to possess a person instead, and then the luckless individual became a Wendigo himself, hunting down those he had once loved and feasting upon their flesh.

Many viewers have drawn similarities between this creature and the one from The Ritual. Though there are some similarities, the creature in The Ritual is a Jötunn. The Jötunn has it’s vague roots in Norse mythology, even with people in the film saying its offspring of Loki. However, Antlers follows the traditional myth of the wendigo. Scott Cooper and Guillermo Del Toro are sure to deliver! Antlers is expected on April 17, 2020!

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