HBO’s ‘His Dark Materials’ Episode 6 Promo Video – The Daemon Cages: Will Mrs. Coulter Show Mercy?

His Dark Materials has been a fan’s dream, sticking more or less to the source material and providing one of the best series available today. It’s notably flown under the radar for most casual viewers and people unaware of the novel by Philip Pullman. This hasn’t stopped BBC and HBO from continuing to write and create a near-perfect take on the beloved story and keeping viewers on the edge of their seats the last five weeks.

The first season is only 8 episodes long, so if you’ve missed it or are a little behind it’s easy enough to catch up! There are only three episodes left so a lot is bound to happen.

On HBO’s YouTube channel, they released the newest episode’s promo and it will bring a chill to your spine. If you have or haven’t read the novels, it’s still a fascinating story and makes you cheer for Lyra as she attempts to free an entire building full of children that a mysterious organization is running odd and strange experiments on, often ending with the death of the young child.

Now in the series, Lyra is in the facility and ready to rally the children behind her to escape! Check out the promo below and we’ll catch up after.

This promo gives you tingles in less than sixty seconds!

Requires the sacrifice of few, for the many.” This is how Mrs. Coulter (Ruth Wilson) explains her dark and morbid reasoning for experimenting on and killing children! It furthers proves just how terrifying she is and how far she’s willing to go, setting up what’s to come in episode six, The Daemon Cages.

“How many more children have to die before we get it right?” We aren’t entirely sure just how many have died from this, but it has to have been quite a few. Luckily now, Lyra is present and ready to stop it.

Everyone be ready… To fight!” Lyra’s powerful words in the promo talking to another young girl about getting the hell out of this place. Dafne Keen’s performance as Lyra is not to be overlooked as she as portrayed the character with power and sensitivity as we see at the end of the trailer. Keen is a promising young actress and His Dark Materials has been able to showcase her abilities!

“Mother!” This incredible outcry from Lyra is chilling fans to their bones.  The delivery is perfect and Keen once again shines through. It is an integral part of the series thus far and has everyone ready to jump out of their chairs when they hear it at the 40-second mark. Will Mrs. Coulter give in? What will happen to Lyra?

The promo is a great recap and shows select new things to build anticipation and has done a perfect job! His Dark Materials is being hailed around the planet as one of the best series and even in a short 60-second promo, we can all see why!