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Here Are 5 of This Decade's Worst TV Characters

Here Are 5 of This Decade’s Worst TV Characters

If you watch several seasons of any show, eventually you’ll run into the most annoying person. For some reason, this person just really irks you. This is usually the person who ends up getting got or getting other characters killed and harmed. Let’s look at five of this decade’s worst characters on prime time.

King of The Worst Characters:

Zach Goodweather

This brat. Oh my god, Zach was a horrible character! I hate violence towards children in shows but he was the exception. Honestly, the last entrant on this list didn’t warrant a “Just feed him to the vampires, bruh.”  

When making this list, Zach was originally at number three but after rewatching The Strain’s first two seasons, this kid got promoted. He’s the gold standard for horrible characters. The actors weren’t bad by any means, it’s just that this character was irredeemable. Trash, horrible, awful character.  

Zach is the diamond standard for keeping kids out of post-apocalyptic shows. If you want a plan to run completely off the rails, put an unattended kid who lost one of their parents in the mix. 

…I really don’t even want to do the rest of the list thinking about Zach. He reigns supreme over the worst characters this decade.

Rachel Matheson

If you remember NBC sci-fi series Revolution, then you might remember that Rachel Matheson was pretty terrible. Her daughter Charlie was brave and while she often got into situations, she wasn’t infuriating. Rachel, on the other hand, should’ve never called any shots or been given any kind of power. She didn’t have bad intentions but she just messed up often with her decisions. 

This woman was a bland character for most of season one, started to grate my nerves towards the end of that season, and went full-on terrible in the second season. While she is one of the worst TV characters, she’s far from Zach by a county mile.

Juliana Crain

I was mixed towards Juliana for most of the first season until the last few episodes. While she somewhat redeemed herself by the series’ end, that season one ending just had me 98 hot 

Her nature is what moved the show forward but that same brave and curious nature caused a ton of issues for those around her. Yes, particularly Frank. He stayed in danger because of her, lost a bunch of money trying to get her released then she dips on a boat with a Nazi.  

Seriously, dafuq?

Dr. Denise Cloyd

Denise was very useful and an important part of the Alexandria survivors. She makes this list for one reason: she pulled two of the group’s best, Daryl and Rosita, on a run by lying. Denise insisted on coming along when she should’ve stayed back at base. It turns out she was actually looking for a keychain with her brother’s name and getting medical supplies was a fortunate bonus. Finally, she put herself at risk for orange soda.  

The good doctor was not about that supply runner life and ended up catching an accidental bolt to the eye by another seasonal f*** up, Dwight. Denise was actually an okay character for most of her TWD run but this episode… 

I remember a lot of people being sad when she killed during the live tweet but I remember thinking “You got killed after scavenging Orange Crush.” It wasn’t even about the soda, she was trying to prove something to herself but this is how she went out.

Carl Grimes

Young Carl was really hard to deal with. First off, he got Dale killed and Dale was one of the most likable characters. He pretty much chilled out during the group’s time at the prison. Carl didn’t really associate with the other kids but he wasn’t constantly into stuff.  

At the minimum, no one else significant got killed because of him. Then we got angsty Carl who was really giving Rick the business and being a little jackass.  

Watching this period of Carl, I was like “Dude, chill. If Rick wasn’t beaten up and depressed, I don’t think you’ll be pulling this.” Overall, Carl was a great character. He had some great development but those for a period he was my gold standard for “Don’t Bring Children into the Apocalypse” stance in shows.