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HBO Series ‘Avenue 5’ Releases January 19 – Hugh Laurie & Josh Gad’s New Space Comedy

HBO’s new series, Avenue 5 will launch off next year, January 19th! Avenue 5 centers around Hugh Laurie’s Captain Ryan Clark as he shuttles tourists around on his space ship. It looks to be extremely funny and features some other great comedians as well, like the hilarious Josh Gad (Frozen, Beauty & The Beast) and Zach Woods (Silicon Valley, The League). The pilot episode of Avenue 5 is written by the comedic mind behind Veep, Armando Iannucci.

Hugh Laurie made a name for himself with Stephen Fry on BBC’s sketch comedy show A Bit of Fry and Laurie but quickly became a North American superstar thanks to his long tenure as Doctor House, on Fox’s House. Now he lends his comedic talent to HBO as Captain Clark.

‘Avenue 5’ Trailer Breakdown

From the trailer of Avenue 5, we can see that a spaceship with the name ‘Judd’ is trying to get back to Earth. It is a tourist ship, like a cruise but in space, carrying a lot of people when something suddenly happens to the ship. We see everyone almost immediately go hurling in the air and several are hurt or even killed.

Herman Judd (Josh Gad) is presumably the owner of the ship and implies that he has no idea what’s going on but that it has nothing to do with him, while Captain Clark (Hugh Laurie) tries to keep the peace amongst the travelers and figure out how to get back to Earth.

Matt Spencer (Zach Woods) looks to be one of the crew members and does a terrible job at calming people and letting them know what’s going on. He even goes on to tell people that if they want to be afraid, “they can if they want.” Woods looks to play another completely naive and oblivious character and we’re okay with that!

On the ground of Earth, NASA is in communication with the ship to try to get it back safely. Although, they run into some funding issues. Apparently it is going to cost a seven-digit number to get help, and that seems to be out of the question.

Whether the Judd will make it back to Earth is the big question. Will they get help from NASA or will they be forced to try to fix the issue on their own? They look to try at least, as we see a few people in space suits out working on the ship presumably. What do you think of Avenue 5? Does it look like a comedy you’re interested in? Check out the full trailer below.

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