Creators Of The Netflix Series ‘The Witcher’ Break Down Their Latest Trailer – Available December 20th

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The Witcher is a popular book series that was brought to life in the famous video game series. Now, thanks to Netflix we are getting The Witcher series starring Henry Cavill, a genuine fan and geek of the source material. It’s like a match made in heaven!

The Witcher follows Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), a solitary monster hunter, who struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts. It’s a land of terrifying beasts and mystical magic that fans of the books, games and fantasy lovers, in general, can enjoy.

The latest trailer of The Witcher has brought many fans to their knees, showing scary monsters, Geralt in exciting sword fights and even potions, an important part of The Witcher story. It also features a ton of easter eggs and glimpses into what the series will have in store for us.

Netflix got creators Lauren S. Hissrich and executive producer Tomek Baginski to break down the latest trailer and explain some of the important scenes and themes with us. In an eight-minute video, they shared a lot with us and many fans are showing their respect and support to Netflix for adhering to the original novels thus far. The big question is if we will see gwynt!

Qwynt – Novels or The Witcher 3? (Not in the breakdown)

A huge question among gamers is the possible inclusion of the card game gwynt in the Netflix series. Will it pop up or not? Many players of the game understand the role the card game plays, as NPC’s ask to play at the most inappropriate times in the story.

It would be a funny inclusion but the question continues deeper. Since this will be based around the novels and not the games there has been a debate among readers and players about whether the famous card game did, in fact, appear in the novels. Some have pointed out that in the book “Baptism of Fire” Zoltan plays Gwent with other dwarfs, but with different rules than the game.

Some have dismissed it altogether saying it is purely a video game addition to the story. At either rate, it would make for an interesting addition to the series, whether it be an easter egg or mention.

‘The Witcher’ Trailer Breakdown

The creators do a great job breaking down themes and subtle moments in the trailer we may have missed, like the idea of characters opening their eyes, exposing them to a new world or the broch that Geralt bears on his sword.

I’m personally a big fan of The Witcher and can’t wait to see Henry Cavill’s performance. So far in the trailers, his voice has given me goosebumps and the small details seem to be included, like his two separate swords.

Perhaps the coolest part of the breakdown is hearing how Cavill performs all of his own stunts for The Witcher, every swordfight, wide shot or close up is truly his performance. Cavill, being a huge fan of the series himself, is taking the role incredibly seriously and it seems to be paying off.

You can check out The Witcher on Netflix, December 20th! Check out the trailer breakdown below.

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