British Royals News: Virginia Giuffre Gives Her Account In BBC Panorama Interview

British Royals News: Virginia Giuffre Gives Her Account In BBC Panorama Interview

Royal News: Virginia Giuffre Gives Her Account In BBC Panorama Interview

The alleged victim at the centre of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal that has engulfed the royal family has admitted in an explosive interview with the BBC that she was trafficked to have sex with Prince Andrew when she was 17-years-old.

In the interview that aired on Monday evening, Virginia Giuffre has called for the British public to stand alongside her to ensure that what happened to her isn’t accepted as okay behaviour from the prince.

Giuffre Talks About Introduction To Prince

Ms Giuffre was asked by the interview to recount her introduction to Prince Andrew.

She revealed that they met in 2001 at the Tramp Nightlife. She went on to admit that the prince made her feel uncomfortable with his sweating and bad dance moves.

The prince claimed that he has a medical condition that meant he didn’t sweat, which was something that has been mocked online as completely untrue.

Recalling her version of the events, Giuffre said: “Andrew asked me what I wanted to drink… He had something clear. I know mine was vodka, and then he asked me to dance.

Ghislaine Maxwell Involvement

Ghislaine Maxell was Epstein’s partner at the time and her involvement in the controversy is still hanging over the case. She was pictured alongside Giuffre and Prince Andrew, but she has yet to be tracked down by the FBI or the media.

However, Giuffre claimed that she had a significant part in the trafficking as she would tell her what to do and Giuffre explained that she would do as she is told because that was what was ‘expected from me.’

The American admitted that the first time they had sex was also at Maxwell’s house as they would go upstairs alone in the Belgravia house.

That remains something that the prince claimed: “categorically never happened.”

The prince also claimed that he didn’t remember the picture being taken and he also questioned the legitimacy of the photograph. That is something that experts have poured cold water on, as they have said that it hasn’t been tampered with.

Speaking about his denial, Giuffre said: “The people on the inside are going to keep coming up with these ridiculous excuses.

“He knows what happened. I know what happened, and there’s only one of us telling the truth, and I know that’s me.”

In response to the interview, Buckingham Palace said that Prince Andrew regrets his association with Epstein. However, the Duke has yet to meet with any law enforcement officer to talk about the claims made by Giuffre.

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