‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Why Brad Should Have Walked Away!

'General Hospital' spoilers: Why Brad Should Have Walked Away!

‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal that Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) had a decision to make. After pushing too far, Julian Jerome (William DeVry) framed Brad for adultery. Shocked, Brad decided to fight back. But did he make the wrong call? Here’s what you need to know.

‘General Hospital’ spoilers: His own fault

First of all, Brad Cooper made himself a great target. And we’re not just talking about when he got in Julian’s face and all but ordered him to kill. He gave Julian a perfect setup to pull off an affair hoax. He’s been secretive and high-strung. He lied about going to therapy and taking meds. A nightmare of the baby hoax being exposed led him to call out Michael’s name in bed. What more could Julian ask for? He may as well have written the plot up himself and presented it to Julian on a platter.

‘General Hospital’ spoilers: The counter

With a perfect setup practically handed to him, Julian Jerome went in for the kill. He demanded that Brad leave immediately. Julian reasoned that him staying would hurt Lucas more, because he’s too high-strung and just keeps digging himself deeper into messes. It’s not good for the baby swap secret. Brad makes his first mistake by going to Julian and begging him to reconsider this. Why he thought Julian would have sympathy after all the stress Brad’s caused, we don’t know. Not to mention how angry Julian was to learn who Wiley really belonged to.

‘General Hospital’ spoilers: Making it worse

His second mistake came when he taped the conversation secretly, then played some for Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes). Sure, it absolved him of cheating, but it’s got Lucas asking more questions. He can’t understand why his father would do something like that. This ends up forcing him to admit to helping with the Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) DNA test in the Tuesday, November 4th episode.

That is not helping his argument that he’s a new man. When Lucas inevitably confronts Julian, this is just going to give Julian more reason to want him gone. Plus, he’s now lost any future help from Julian in the baby swap cover up. Sometimes, it’s better to quit when you’re ahead—even when it’s hard.