General Hospital Spoilers: Ingo Rademacher Doesn’t Want Jax To Be The Dark Knight

General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher

‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoilers finds that he’s tall, he’s handsome, he’s got one very sexy accent but apparently there’s more to ‘General Hospital’ star Ingo Rademacher (Jasper Jacks) than we already know! As a matter of fact, the daytime television star recently opened up about his “dark side” and how that might not have worked to his benefit. Here’s what you need to know.

While Jax is definitely a fan favorite in Port Charles, Ingo says that he’s had to audition for roles in the past that have forced him to tap into his dark side, so to speak. But unfortunately for the handsome star, it didn’t really work out the way that he had hoped!

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Star Ingo Rademacher Has A Dark Side

“One time, I auditioned for a psycho-killer opposite Ashley Judd,” he told Soaps in Depth in an interview recently. “The character beat her and shot her up with drugs. He was so far away from me or anyone I’d want to play, but I said, ‘You know what? Let’s give this a shot.’ So I drank black coffee for five days straight — and it worked. It was still a piece of me that came out.”

Ingo admits that it was an experience that took a toll on him, both emotionally and physically and that it’s one he wouldn’t want to repeat again. “It was really ugly. I felt depressed afterwards. And I thought about the fact that if you play a role like that all the time, you could really live that. There’s a dark side to all of us if we let ourselves [tap into] that depressive state.”

With that said, Ingo admits that he’s happy where he is right now, and that’s playing everyone’s heartthrob on ‘General Hospital’. “I’m much happier playing the white knight,” he said to Soaps In Depth. “I get to joke around, be happy and be jolly old me.”

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