El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Catalina Santana a wanted woman, DEA branch to be shut down

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El Final del Paraíso spoilers reveal that Catalina Santana (Carmen Villalobos) has made some questionable choices as of late. The latest was when she went rogue in the November 8th episode. We’ve already talked a bit about the implications for her “I’m changed” persona, as well as her career. But is there something even worse in store? Here’s what you need to know.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Bad record

Let’s face it. Like with a lot of TV agencies, the El Final version of the DEA hasn’t been impressive. Catalina’s unit has had a dismal record. She has failed to notice that Yésica “La Diabla” Beltrán (Kimberly Reyes) is “Agent Valeria Motes”. It took Diabla to bring down Aáron “Mano Negra” Mondego (Juan Pablo Gamboa). And she several big mission fails/partial fails.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Vegas debacle

The season started off with a mess. Catalina brought her team to Vegas to follow up on one of “Valeria’s” leads. Her first big mistake there was not coordinating with Michael Rubens (Giancarlo de Sousa) before she arrived. It ended with them not catching the bad guys, and one of their agents (Paola Pizarro, played by Alejandra Pinzón) missing.

The fail got worse when they never did find Paola. Instead, she ended up getting a video to them before her death. In her time gone, she fell back into her prepago ways, and got addicted to drugs to boot. No wonder he thinks Catalina’s unit is an embarrassment.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Paying the price

It looks like Cata Grande’s career isn’t the only one in danger. El Final del Paraíso spoilers for this Monday indicate that Rubens has had enough. He’s Catalina’s superior, he’s mad, and he ain’t taking it anymore.

After getting an anonymous email, he sees photos that make it look like Catalina left with Aurelio “El Titi” Jaramillo (Gregorio Pernía) willingly. Granted, she does, but the shots from the car were carefully chosen. None show her holding him at gunpoint, or looking freaked out.

In response, he shows up at their office to break the news. He is also planning to suspend her and issue an arrest warrant to get answers. When Lizeth Muriel (Margarita Torres) objects to the way he’s speaking of her boss, he’s insulting and dismissive. Kind of like when Natalia Bérmudez (Linda Baldrich) tried to alert him to something off with “Valeria” in Vegas.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Getting worse

As the Telenovela Gods would have it, it’s only going to get worse. There’s no definite answers in this episode, but El Final del Paraiío spoilers strongly hint that Catalina’s entire unit will be shut down. This is evidenced by his attitude toward Lizeth for one, and calling them an embarrassment. When Vanessa Salazar (Estefanía Gómez) and Natalia orders to return to Pereira, they see the writing on the wall. They’re staring down the unemployment office. Can Catalina and the rest redeem themselves and save their jobs? We’ll have to wait and see.

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