‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Billy Flynn Announces A New Exciting Role

Days of Our Lives star Billy Flynn

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers finds that we all loved him as Chad DiMera, and now Billy Flynn is happy to announce to his fans his new role. He has taken to his social media accounts to express just how happy he is to be in this role. We have the inside scoop on this brand new role for him.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Social Media Blows Up

This past week on social media, Flynn’s fans were excited to read about his brand new role. He posted on Instagram, “Excited to be a part of the incredibly talented cast of Disposable Necessities. The play is written by Neil McGowan and directed by Guillermo Cienfuegos. We open December 14th at Rogue Machine Theatre in Venice, CA. Get your tickets now.”

This play is something that Flynn has been working very hard on lately. He is joined by Ann Noble, Jefferson Reid, Claire Blackwelder, and Darrett Sanders. It is produced by John Perrin Flynn and directed by Guillermo Cienfuegos.

This all-star cast is ready to show its fans that they have been preparing to show their fans just what they can do on stage, as well as on camera. What is the play about? It is about the future and the plot sounds as if it will be filled with twists and turns throughout. In the play, people have basically stopped aging.

They no longer worry about their looks and turning into old men and old women. There is a special process that all people go through that keeps them from aging. Their souls are downloaded into a host body. This isn’t a process for everyone though. Only the rich can afford to have it done on them. It seems that the rich, in this play, can pay for anything they want.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Billy Flynn and His New Role

The play shows everyone that greed can get you what you want, but it also takes a deeper look at life and death. It is a comedy, with some dark parts about death and just how far people will go to stop their aging process. This sounds like a great idea for a play and if you are in Venice at the time, get those tickets and tell us how amazing it was!

Billy Flynn has been on ‘Days of Our Lives’ for five years, playing Chad DiMera, and was nominated for two Daytime Emmys. He is very active on social media and most of his fans can catch what he is doing next on Instagram and Twitter.

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