No te Puedes Esconder, episode 10: Cara a cara (Face to face)

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No te Puedes Esconder spoilers for the Friday, October 11th Gran Final relate to revenge, possible betrayal, an uhappy reunion, and a door is left open. If you missed it, let’s get to the No te Puedes Esconder recap.

No te Puedes Esconder spoilers: Disappointed

Alejandro Sánchez (Plutarco Haza) was revealed to be the ringleader of Natalia Saldaña’s (Samantha Siqueiros) kidnapping last episode when he stepped into a room with her. In the finale, he expresses disappointment that Natalia doesn’t jump for joy at his being alive. Right. What’d he expect? A hug? A “Thanks for putting me through hell?”

Anyway, she promises him that Mónica Saldaña (Blanca Soto) will find him and stop him. He’s not so sure about that. He’s also got a raging grudge against her after she turned on him.

No te Puedes Esconder spoilers: Open it

Daniel Romero (Eduardo Noriega) and Mónica, meanwhile, search the hotel. After finding the first room they wanted to check empty, he order the employee to open all the rooms. She objects, but since he’s got a gun on her, she complies pretty quickly. They’re getting closer and closer to finding Natalia.

No te Puedes Esconder spoilers: Escape

Sánchez gets a tip that someone is coming for them and gives the order for everyone to clear out. They manage to get Natalia out of the room and outside before Mónica and Daniel arrive at the right room. Mónica hears something and looks outside. It’s Natalia, screaming for her. Mónica and Daniel race outside, and they get a slight bit of luck.

While they were doing that, another car came along and ended up blocking Sánchez’s escape. Then the luck runs out. Sánchez’s men get the car out of their way just in time for Mónica to see her daughter screaming for her from the backseat.

No te Puedes Esconder spoilers: Help us

Following the escape of her ex, Mónica and Daniel go elsewhere to regroup, and are joined by his friend from before, Andres (Julio Casado). Mónica is upset, as he’d promised to help them.

Andres is introduced to the DEA guy who helped Mónica disappear, Pete (Ed Trucco). The news that Sánchez is alive is a shock to Andres, as well as the idea he’s escaped again. She goes on about how vindictive he is and such, and Pete agrees. He thinks the guy should’ve gotten plastic surgery and just stayed underground if he wasn’t.

While they talk, Sánchez calls and Monica is given the chance to talk to Natalia a moment before the phone is passd back to Pete. It seems that he has a deal to discuss.

No te Puedes Esconder spoilers: The deal

Pete meets as promised and ends up getting taken hostage. Sánchez goes on about what a joke Witness Protection is. He ended up finding his family. In the process, he’s also found a bunch of other supposedly “safe” people that could be in danger if he decided to leak that information. Besides that, heads at the agency will roll. He wants to make a deal, and Natalia will be the insurance that they keep their end.

No te Puedes Esconder spoilers: Traitor

After Pete left to speak with Sánchez, Daniel starts putting a few pieces together. He realizes that Andres was the only other one who knew they were going to the hotel. He also worked with Pete at one point, so it would be easy to get info. Daniel even thinks that Andres was the one who he’d chased before. Mónica comes up behind Andres and bashes him over the head. The pair force him to talk, learning Natalia is at a nearby wrestling ring.

No te Puedes Esconder spoilers: Twists and turns

Andres, Daniel, and Mónica watch the building as Pete enters. Inside, Pete hands over the papers that Sánchez had demanded. Satisfied, he adds that he wants no one to touch his money. That way, he can get a new identity. He’ll give the order to release Natalia when he’s out of here.

No te Puedes Esconder spoilers: Hello again

Our trio arrives and confronts Sánchez and the rest. They’re holding guns on Sánchez, which they’re convinced to put down once he points out he is the only one who knows where Natalia is. Unfortunately, he is a rat and shoots Daniel, so Mónica grabs a gun and holds Sánchez at bay. She won’t put it down until she knows where the kid is. She’s willing for them to die together. The only thing that talks her down is Pete telling her they won’t find her daughter otherwise.

During this conversation, we also learn he’s not very loyal to his helpers, as he’s willing to let Andres hang in the wind. This leads to another tense standoff, only Sánchez ends up taking the bullet

No te Puedes Esconder spoilers: Saving Natalia

After all this, we learn that Andres is capable of anything to save his own butt. Knowing where Natalia is, he leads a team that raids the place and rescues her. She and Mónica are finally reunited. This doesn’t help him, though, as he still gets brought into custody for helping Sánchez.

No te Puedes Esconder spoilers: What did you do?

Elizabeth “Eli” Molina (Patricia Guirado) is beside herself. Between the news father is a two-time murderer and his escape, she’s a bundle of nerves. Humberto (Juan Caballero) tries to talk her down, but it’s not working. Instead, he offers her some tea. Eli takes it and starts getting dizzy.

Humberto starts going on about how relieved he was to hear Alex Molina (Iván Sánchez) was arrested. But then he escaped, so the idea of letting her live is off the table. He keeps remembering, as we figured, the image of his mother’s dead body tied up. The whole time he’s talking, he’s setting up these mannequins all over his apartment and it’s just weird. He’s even putting sheets over them. Humberto wants Alex to know the same pain and horror he did.

No te Puedes Escpnder spoilers: Rescue mission

Elsewhere, Laura Urrutia (Maribel Verdú) gets in touch with Velasco (Jorge Bosch). She hadn’t been fooled by Humberto before. She’s positive he has her and shares all her suspicions with Velasco, including that he is the son of the woman from 20 years ago. Velasco tells her to hold off until he gets there, but we all know how well Telenovela characters listen.

That’s right. She goes in and ends up seeing Eli tied to the bed, in the same manner Beatriz Prats (Natalia Varela) was. While she is staring at Eli is shock, Alex comes up behind her and stabs her neck. She’s left bleeding on the floor.

No te Puedes Esconder spoilers: Rescue x2

Given how bad she just failed, she lucked out in the fact that Alex seemed to have clued in as well. He also enters the apartment and calls for someone to help Laura, then tries to set her up in a way that will stop some bleeding before rushing to find Eli.

He comes across them on the top of the building and confronts Humberto. He admits to killing Humberto’s mother, but tries to remind him how similar his and Eli’s situations are. Humberto isn’t impressed. He orders Alex to stand back, but Alex doesn’t think he’ll hurt Eli.

When Alex manages to get Humberto distracted a moment, he attacks. Alex and Humberto fight a bit before Humberto ends up jumping off the roof. He lands on a police car and the authorities jump into action.

No te Puedes Esconder spoilers: Happy ending for all

Natalia and Mónica are back together, and it looks like Daniel and Mónica will be a thing, too, as she spent a couple of weeks by his side after he got shot.

Also happy is Torres, who won the office he was running for. Although, he might not be happy for long. A woman comes in to interview for secretary and introduces herself as Eli. He’s surprised, but she explains she’s actually Mónica—Natalia’s mother. She pointedly says this so he knows she’s aware of his relationship with her daughter. She demands that he help Hugo be brought to Spain instead, as Natalia had visited Hugo to promise whatever help they could give. She’ll ruin his career if he doesn’t.

Laura is recovered and back at work with Velasco, and she gets a text from Alex. He’s off living the good life somewhere far away—and eyeing another woman.

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