Elite Season 2 Spoilers: Why you need to binge this show

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Elite Season 2 spoilers reveal that the second season recently dropped on Netflix. This Spanish series that centers around a private school has been a huge hit. Even before season two premiered, the site announced a third season. What’s making this show a must-see? Here’s what you need to know.

Elite spoilers: The basics

The show is set in a private school where everyone appears to have their secrets. The show doesn’t hold anything back, tackling religion, sexuality, HIV, and more in a way that doesn’t feel you’re being preached to. They also don’t shy away from showing things that would make the late-night pay cable channels blush.

Elite spoilers: The format

Each season of the show has been based around a mystery. The action usually begins with an official (Ainhoa Santamaría) interviewing the students about an incident. It then goes back and forth between these interviews and allowing the mystery to play out. It makes for a tense watch, as everyone is looking like they have something to hide, and you don’t know what really went down until the end.

Elite spoilers: The writing

There’s some great writing on this show, which helps create the tension and mystery that characterizes the series. They also do great with the character interactions, resulting in believable relationships and friendships. This is especially true in the relationship between Omar and Nadi Shanaa (Omar Ayuso and Mina El Hammani), a brother and sister from a devout Muslin family. He goes to bat for her when their father wants her to leave the school, and she keeps the secret of her brother’s sexuality from their father, Yusef Shana (Abdelatif Hwidar). They feel like a real brother and sister.

We also feel for season 2 addition Cayetana Grajera Pando (Georgina Amorós), a young girl living a fake life on social media to gain acceptance and escape the reality of her poor status.

One of the best of season 2, though, was Guzmán Nunier Osuna (Miguel Bernardeau). He’s the brother of Marina (María Pedraza), who was murdered in season one. His loss over his pain and desperation to get justice is moving.

Elite spoilers: Familiar face

The highlight of the show is snobby Lucrecia “Lu” Montesinos Hendrich, played by Danna Paola. She’s a popular singer/actress novela fans will know from her stint as Monica Hernández on La Doña. Her snobby character is a hoot. She can deliver a cutting comeback with ease, but she also has another side to her. Her arc of trying to hold on to her love is a great example of the character’s vulnerable side.

Even more so, though, is when she accidently discovers her new friend has been faking her rich girl life, as well as drawing Lu into her scam to earn some extra money. The speech Lu gives at the event is something not to be missed.

Elite spoilers: The music

The show makes great use of music as well, mixing English and Spanish artists with ease. The mostly dark, haunting soundtrack helps set the tone. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out! Each season is only eight episodes long, making it a perfect choice for a weekend binge.

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