‘Bold and The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Heather Tom (Katie Logan) & CBS Tackle Real Life Kidney Disease!

'Bold and The Beautiful' Spoilers: Heather Tom (Katie Logan) & CBS Tackle Real Life Kidney Disease!

‘Bold and The Beautiful’ Spoilers:  Tackles Kidney Disease

‘Bold and The Beautiful’ (B&B) Spoilers finds that it is generally seen in the soaps that they will try to tackle some of the issues and struggles that people have in their everyday lives. ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ is taking a chance on kidney disease and the emotional turmoil that it can bring to families. They are trying to add more social issues into the show for the fans that watch it. Explaining these issues in a way that fans can follow has always been something the show has tried to do.

‘Bold and The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie’s Need for a Kidney Transplant

Katie Logan (Heather Tom) is in dire need of a kidney transplant since she has been diagnosed with a horrible kidney disease. We have seen her suffering due to kidney failure and the medications that she is being given are not helping her. The story line follows how hopeful she is to get a transplant.

The show gave some helpful public service announcement about kidney transplants and the stars of the show even made videos to explain these facts. The National Kidney Foundation also chimed in saying that there are about 37 million people in America that have chronic kidney disease.

On Heather Tom’s PSA, she explains that “organ donation can mean a second chance at life. Learn more about being a living kidney donor at Kidney.org.”

If you have been following the show, you already know that she had to have a heart transplant and has her brother’s heart. Her heart medications are part of the problem that started her kidney pains.  Katie is now very concerned about the likelihood of finding a kidney donor.

We know that we hope she does end up finding one, because we don’t want to see Katie go off the show and we don’t want to see Heather Tom leaving either. Stay tuned this week to see just what happens and if she will get the kidney that she needs.

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