BH90210 premiere proves (twisted) truth is more entertaining than fiction

BH90210, Episode One: The Reunion

BH90210 spoilers indicate that the iconic television series that spawned numerous nighttime soaps in the ‘90s is back. It’s just not in the way one might think. The entire cast, which one sad exception, is present for this new take. Here’s what you need to know.

BH90210 spoilers: New take

The announcement of the new series had ‘90s viewers excited to see their favorite actors back in action. Even Shannen Doherty (Brenda Walsh) is taking part. It’s not a reboot, however, in the sense of the CW version, or other popular shows that came back to catch us up on favorite characters.

The show follows fictionalized versions of the actors from a convention appearance to their attempt to bring their classic series back to life. The series is scheduled to be six episodes, with the possibility of additional seasons. If the premiere is any indication, we think it’s got a good chance.

BH90210 spoilers: Breakdown

We mentioned the actors are playing fictional versions of themselves. Tori Spelling (Donna Martin), for example, has six kids in this version and is married to a former hockey player (Nate, played by Ivan Sergei) who’s an aspiring broadcaster. She’s desperate for a paycheck after their latest reality show is canned.

Jason Priestly plays a somewhat badboy with a golden rep in an unhappy marriage to an ambitious PR person (Camille, played by Vanessa Lachey). Like the real Jason, he’s a director. In this series, though, he’s also got a temper.

Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders) is a brand-conscious hustler whose equally ambitious wife (Stacy, played by Jenna Rosenow) has a secret.

Brian Austin Green’s fictionalized self is a stay-at-home dad who’s second-fiddle to a famous singer wife (Shay, played by LaLa Anthony).

Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea Zuckerman), like in real-life, is the president of an Actor’s union. She’s also a new grandma. We love that nod to her status as the oldest teenager on TV at the time, something that’s been widely discussed over the years.

Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor), like her real-life counterpart, has had some marriage problems. The latest breakup is revealed during a fan panel, thanks to an audience member who was surfing TMZ.

Finally, we have Shannen. In another nod to the headlines over the series, she’s widely hated by her castmate’s fictional counterparts. She’s a rescuer of animals in the show.

BH90210 Spoilers: Hitting a home run

From the opening scene set in the original 90210 world, to the convention, to the ultimate brainstorm by Tori to bring the series back (a nod to the actress actually being a driving force behind this reboot), the writers are on and the actors nail their scenes.

Some highlights include a clueless younger guy not knowing who Jennie Garth (or Kelly Taylor) is. He demands ID because she looks much older than the throwback promo picture,

Tori Spelling (Donna Martin) is hilarious as she fumes about the money being made off t-shirts with her face, none of which she’s seeing. She ends up stealing that infmous red dress from the show, which is on display at the venue.,

There’s also an excellent fight between the whole cast on Brian’s private plane after the convention. They’d answered Ian’s facetime notification while he was in the bathroom and see it’s an accidental call. His wife’s in bed with another man. This leads to a booze-fueled fight amongst the whole group. The scene was genius—especially Jennie describing Tori trying to function in the real world being equivalent to letting a zoo animal loose in the wild. It’s written so authentically, we were cracking up the whole time. Only old friends who’ve been drinking can be this brutal with each other.

BH90210 spoilers: More highlights

Other awesome moments include Brian realizing fans might actually care following the convention panel, where questions for him focused on the more popular wife.

Also of note are the great looks on the cast’s faces as they see Shannen pop up via a livestream video—which earns her a standing ovation. If you haven’t seen this show yet, it’s time to catch up.

BH90210 spoilers: Touching tribute

One especially nice part of the premiere were the numerous references to the late Luke Perry (Dylan McKay). They toast him on the plane before the fight breaks out, as well as acknowledging “almost” all of them are at the convention. Finally, there was the scene where Jennie and Tori are watching an old scene before an “in memorium” pops up. The looks on their faces as they watch him in action revealed the real-life emotions the scene surely stirred.