La Reina del Sur, Season 2/Episode 47: Todos tras Sofia (Everyone after Sofia)

La Reina del Sur spoilers for Wednesday, July 10 brought another hitch in Teresa Mendoza’s rescue of Sofia Dantes (Isabella Sierra). It also brings us close to losing another character (Francesco Belmondo, played by Raoul Bova), and the capture of Zurdo Villa (Flavio Medina). Missed it? Don’t worry, we have all the need-to-know details in today’s La Reina del Sur recap.

La Reina del Sur spoilers: Rescue gone wrong

Teresa is disappointed to lose sight of Sofia while having to deal with Manuela (Paola Núñez) attacking her helicopter. Desperate, she places an angry call to Epifanio Vargas (Humberto Zurita) to accuse him of trying to kill them and demand her location. Epifanio actually seems to have no clue what she’s talking about. When he can’t give her answers, she demands Sofia back safe immediately, or everyone will know she’s back and why tomorrow. She warns the man he’s woken a monster. We could’ve warned him about that. Mama bears and all…

La Reina del Sur spoilers: The wait goes on (and on)

Genoveva Alcalá (Kika Edgar) has been dealing with the press for hours, and she goes to Epifanio to warn him they’re getting restless. Alejandro Alcalá (Mark Tacher) rudely sends her away, refusing to let Epifanio speak until they’ve got confirmation of Zurdo’s capture.

Eventually, Faustino Sánchez Godoy (Lincoln Palomeque) is stopped at a roadblock the military set up. He’d been carrying the wounded Zurdo in a fridge in the back after a man who’s father once worked for Zurdo sounded the alarm about Zurdo’s fall. Faustino tries to talk his way out, but a firefight ensues. This leads to the capture of Zurdo and Faustino.

Now assured of victory, Epifanio faces the press to make the announcement. Mariano Bravo (Eduardo Santamarina) gets word of this and is furious—and concerned his name could come up.

La Reina del Sur spoilers: Working together

While pretending to help Manuela look for Sofia and Teresa, Francesco comes across the girl. He also sees Manuela about to fire, so he jumps in the way to save her. Manuela is upset that she just shot Francesco and hurries to the scene. By the time she gets there, Sofia has run off on Francesco’s orders. When asked what happened, he claims he was getting ready to kill her and hadn’t seen Manuela was there with a shot lined up. He just “happened” to get in the way.

On Alejandro’s orders, she leaves Francesco there to continue the search for their targets. Sofia, who was hiding close by returns to help Francesco after Manuela leaves. With a little work, she convinces him to leave with her.

They eventually find an empty building to hide in, where Francesco is forced to have Sofia help him remove the bullet. He can’t risk going to a hospital, because it would leave Sofia vulnerable to her would-be assassin.

La Reina del Sur spoilers: Nothing to lose

Meanwhile, Teresa is desperately searching for her daughter when Marcela (La Conejo, played by Carmen Navarro) calls. They are worried and want to know what’s going on. Teresa is forced to break the news of Oleg Yasikov’s (Antonio Gil) death, as well as Sofia’s escape from an assassination attempt. Team Teresa follows her progress via a GPS she’s been carrying on her phone, after making her promise to keep them updated.

Eventually, Teresa comes upon Manuela and a fight ensues. As the women shoot back and forth, Manuela says there’s a difference between the two: Manuela doesn’t care if she dies. She’s already lost her mother and sister, and she blames it all on Teresa. Jonathon Peres (Tiago Correa) runs interference and helps Teresa get an advantage, but Manuela still escapes. He offers to chase after her while Teresa continues searching for Teresa. Teresa makes him promise that he’s going to kill “that bitch.”