La Reina Del Sur, Season 2/Episode 36: Contra el suelo (Against the floor)

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In your Tuesday, June 11 La Reina del Sur recap, Teresa Mendoza (Kate del Castillo) takes a trip, another character is lost, Sofia Dantes (Isabella Sierra) is busted, and Manuela (Paola Núñez) makes a threat. If you missed the La Reina del Sur spoilers, let’s catch you up on the highlights.

La Reina del Sur spoilers: Lupo 1, Sofia 0

Sofia gets caught in a lie today as Francesco Belmondo (Raoul Bova) prepares to head to Italy. Before leaving her in the care of César “Batman” Güemes (Alejandro Calva), he asks Sofia point blank about the notebook he found and if she’d called Cayetana Segovia (Luisa Gavasa). Sofia denies having sent any messages, or made any calls. She just remembers the number from seeing it on his phone once. She claims he never trusts her, and says to check the phone for any placed calls.

Later on, he calls her bluff by contacting Cayetana as “Emilio”, the investigator she hired to find Teresa. He pretends to have lost an agenda and wants to know if she’s received any calls. When Cayetana confirms his suspicions, he says to ignore the message she’d gotten. It’s just a prank.

After, he calls Batman and orders him to get rid of any bottles, as well as keep his phone away from her. He them demands to speak to Sofia, calling her out for her lies and saying he wins this round.

La Reina del Sur spoilers: Frame job

We figured this was coming, as we figured that Alejandro Alcalá (Mark Tacher) wouldn’t take being blackmailed lying down. We were right. He meets Edgar to make the exchange, then makes it clear that a tech is going to look over the phone with a fine-tooth comb. He better not find evidence of the video having been sent. He then buys Edgar’s jacket, using it in a plot. He has Manuela commit some crimes on a similar bike, then force Edgar to put the jacket back on before calling the cops. She pretends to have been robbed and describes the jacket. Edgar does the worst thing possible by running from the police when they see him, which ends up getting him killed.

La Reina del Sur spoilers: Ultimatum

After her busy day of murder, robbery, and framing, Manuela has yet one more thing on her agenda. She pays Jonathon Peres (Tiago Correa) a visit, accusing him of using Sergio (Eduardo Pérez) to get information on her. They argue about him going through her stuff and stealing that removable drive before they get a little… friendly. That won’t last long, though, because she makes it very clear he’s never to get near her nephew again.

La Reina del Sur spoilers: Grand welcome

Teresa, Rocío Aljarafe (Sara Vidorreta), and Sheila (Cuca Escribano) join Zurdo Villa (Flavio Medina) and Faustino Sánchez Godoy (Lincoln Palomeque) on a plane to Morocco, where she will introduce him to General Abdelkader Chaib (Eduardo Velasco). During the trip, Zurdo serenades Teresa again, then goes on about her to Sheila while Teresa takes a bathroom break. Sheila meets Teresa in the bathroom, where our queen is having second thoughts. She hates backstabbing people who trust her, but she has no choice. Plus, she has a video on her phone of Sofia that was just sent. In it, Sofia is going on about Teresa’s lies and how she doesn’t want anything to do with her. This is painful, obviously, but Sheila consoles her that one day they’ll be laughing about this. She also soothes Teresa’s conscience about the backstabbing and reveals Zurdo will do anything for her.

When they land, they meet up with the General, who has a grand welcome waiting. This includes a party at one of his two castles, where they will be the guests of honor. Zurdo’s impressed.

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