La Reina del Sur, Season 2/Episode 33: El principio del fin (The beginning of the end)

In your Thursday, June 6th La Reina del Sur recap, Teresa Mendoza (Kate del Castillo) drives a hard bargain today, while Sofia Dantes (Isabella Sierra) has once again inspired a huge panic amongst her kidnappers. If you missed the La Reina del Sur spoilers, let’s catch you up on your need-to-know information.

La Reina del Sur spoilers: Promise (finally) kept

Alejandro Alcalá (Mark Tacher) has shocked Danilo Márquez’s (Emannuel Orenday) family today. See, there’s a birthday party going on, and Danilo’s “boss” has promised to come to a couple before only to be a no-show. Danilo’s mom, Celine, is particularly anxious about making a good impression on the big wig who’s going to be in their home. Others just hope he follows them back on Twitter now. Ha! Just when some are worried this meeting is never going to happen, the man himself arrives bearing flowers and booze. Celine’s impressed. Things are going pretty well, with no one aware of who Alejandro really is to Danilo, until a phone call interrupts the fun. We’ll get to that in a minute.

While Alejandro was busy taking this emergency call from Epifanio Vargas (Humberto Zurita), he takes the time to check out the space. Danilo soon joins him, and Alejandro learns it was Danilo’s old room. For reasons Danilo can’t understand, Celine’s kept it exactly as it was—including the posters of guys all over the walls. Alejandro questions this, but Danilo explains he’d always excused that by claiming he wanted to do whatever the person whose poster he put up is famous for. After a little bantering about favorite stars, they take a moment for some more private activity. Unfortunately for Alejandro, someone is taping them kiss.

La Reina del Sur spoilers: Bad news/phone blocked

César “Batman” Güemes (Alejandro Calva) is getting ready for take two with Sheila (Cuca Escribano) at his place, when a phone call ruins all the fun. Sheila protests him answering, but one glance at the caller tells Batman this is important. He promises to make this as fast as possible. Yeah, right. He doesn’t realize that Francesco Belmondo (Raoul Bova) is calling to demand extra help finding Sofia on Epifanio’s orders. Francesco had called the candidate earlier to say he couldn’t find Sofia anywhere.

Having no other choice, Batman apologizes and says he’s got to get going. Sheila pretends to be disappointed, but promises to be waiting, naked, in bed when he returns. Batman doesn’t think so. He says he’s not going to leave her here alone to possibly spy for Teresa. Sheila takes offense to that, but isn’t given a choice in staying.

La Reina del Sur spoilers: Reinforcements

Until now, Francesco has been using a boat (whose key is under lock and key, along with life jackets and other supplies) to search the water for Sofia. Since Sofia is currently stuck underground after falling through a hole, he obviously is not having luck. That’s when he’d called Epifanio to explain what was going on. Epifanio had been furious (and confused as to how a kid escaped an Island), telling Francesco he needed to get a video of Sofia to Teresa right away. He’d ordered Francesco to get backup, then was promised a video would come immediately once she was found.

When Batman arrives later on, they split up to search the Island again, figuring that Sofia has to be hiding somewhere. She’d been really upset about her confrontation with Epifanio, after all.

La Reina del Sur spoilers: Playing hardball

Teresa scores a risky victory after almost getting busted today. Tonight is the opening of her front business, and she’s planning to meet Zurdo Villa (Flavio Medina) there. Unfortunately for her, as she’s getting ready to leave, Epifanio arrives. She doesn’t know what he’s doing here, as the video could have been sent by phone. This leads to a huge fight that just happens to be observed by a just-arrived Zurdo. The good news is, he really only sees her telling him off, with no part of the fight really incriminating her. When she’s confronted by Zurdo after Epifanio leaves, she’s easily able to explain things away. They then head off to her club opening. The bad news? Faustino Sánchez Godoy (Lincoln Palomeque) was also there, waiting for Rocío Aljarafe (Sara Vidorreta) to change so they can head to the club as well. He sees and hears the entire thing, also without being seen. The question is, will he sell her out?

Later on, Teresa and Zurdo negotiate their partnership, with Teresa playing real hardball. So much so, Zurdo gets up to leave. Sheila, who was bringing them drinks, smooths things over and the pair goes back to negotiating. Eventually, they reach a deal that puts Teresa one step closer to taking down her forced enemy.