‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: “Hope’s Baby Is ALIVE!” Xander Itching To Drop Gigaton Bomb, Can’t Keep Shocking Baby Beth/Phoebe Swap Secret!


'Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers: "Hope's Baby Is ALIVE!" Xander Itching To Drop Gigaton Bomb, Can't Keep Shocking Baby Beth/Phoebe Swap Secret!

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers for the Week of Monday, June 3-Friday, June 7 indicate that there is a huge bombshell about to drop on the Bold and the Beautiful this week. We have heard that this will be the week that Beth will come out! This will rock a lot of lives, but we think it will also be good for everyone to finally know the truth.

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ (B&B) Spoilers: Xander Itching To Drop Gigaton Bomb, Can’t Keep Shocking Baby Beth/Phoebe Swap Secret!

Xander has some crazy drama happening right now in his life too. He knows so much about the big secret, but will he continue to hold it in or is going to tell Hope and Liam?  Zoe has some secrets of her own and Xander knows that she can do the right thing and keep her secrets to herself. She has a past of lying and manipulating people, but will she prove that she has changed for the better?

Xander surely hopes so and so do we! Zoe has helped to hide the fact that Beth is still alive and she has hidden it from a lot of people. Xander honestly doesn’t even know how he can trust Zoe if this is the secret that she has been keeping.

Flo is another character that has had her struggles lately too. She is the one who took Hope’s baby and her marriage is a complete wreck! Hope is someone who needs a lot of help lately and Flo knows that she could be the one to help her out, but our sources say you will probably not even think twice about helping Hope out.

The on-going drama with Thomas has been shown a lot in the spoilers that we have seen for next week. He is still trying so hard to win Hope’s love and he will get even crazier this week with his ideas on how to win her heart. He may even get darker, which could be very scary. (And something we would love to see!)

There may also be an annulled marriage this week on the Bold and the Beautiful. What lies ahead sounds as if the week will get pretty serious! We can’t wait until Monday to find out!