La Reina Del Sur 2 Recap 5/9/2019: Season 2, Episode 13 “Las Sospechas” (Suspicions)

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La Reina Del Sur 2 Recap 5/9/2019: Season 2, Episode 13 “Las Sospechas” (Suspicions)

Wednesday, May 9th’s La Reina del Sur recap for Season 2, Episode 13 “Las Sospechas” (Suspicions) sees the Queen returning to Spain with a mission, while the Aljarafe sisters and Sergio continue to complicate the lives of everyone around them. So, they’re being Telenovea teens finally. Cool. If you missed all the La Reina del Sur spoilers, catch up on the need-to-know details in your La Reina del Sur recap.

La Reina Del Sur 2 Recap 5/9/2019: Season 2, Episode 13 “Las Sospechas” (Suspicions)

La Reina Del Sur spoilers:  Sting operation

Willy Rangel (Christian Tappan) and Jonathon Peres (Tiago Correa) aren’t giving up on getting the scoop on Manuela (Paola Núñez). To this end, Jonathon goes in disguise to play a dealer who’s interested in using Sergio (Eduardo Pérez), the walking pharmacy, as a middle man. They’re talking business in a club when the cops arrive to do a routine check. Our pair escapes, but the problems aren’t over yet.

They get approached later by a cop, and Sergio is really nervous. He looks to be reaching for a gun and Jonathon knows the kid’s going to get shot if he does, so he beats Sergio to the punch and Sergio is now completely freaked out. Jonathon manages to calm him down and get Sergio to give his name. 

Later, we learn this was actually all a sting as the supposedly-dead cop, Jonathon, and Willy meet. He complains about the pain from getting hit while wearing his vest, but they’ve scored a victory here. Sergio now completely trusts Jonathon. Jonathon’s worried, though, because of the heavy-duty restricted psyche drugs Sergio’s got, and thinks there’s something seriously wrong with the kid. 

Back at the house, Manuela finds Sergio on the ground.  

La Reina Del Sur spoilers: Consequences

César “Batman” Güemes (Alejandro Calva) is in trouble today, as Epifanio Vargas (Humberto Zurita) pays a visit to where they’re keeping Sofia Dantes (Isabella Sierra). He’s upset that Batman let Sofia make a call without permission. We knew Morgana (Norma Angélica) was going to bust them. Batman assures Epifanio is was a mistake with good intentions, and the only thing that happened was Sofia complained while Teresa comforted her. Epifanio points out the road to hell is paved with those good intentions, and he’ll burn out Batman’s eyes if it happens again. 

Later, we see Sofia’s now hiding the kitty she’s been petting through the small openings in the window. She requests some sardines to feed it, but keeps the cat hidden when her kidnappers come in. Morgana is annoyed at having to cater to “the brat’s” weird whims and insists on sitting there and watching Sofia eat the sardines she wanted so bad. She pulls out a cigarette, and Sofia objects. Morgana doesn’t care, though, so she blows smoke in Sofia’s face. Sofia responds by throwing her water at Morgana. Morgana leaves in a huff, forgetting her lighter. Sofia doesn’t, though, and tests it a second before stuffing it in a pocket.

By the way, Batman seems to be growing fond of Sofia and gets a kick out of Sofia saying she’s going to f*** with Morgana. 

La Reina Del Sur spoilers: Wanted

The news is all over about Rocío and Paloma Aljarafe (Sara Vidorreta and Agata Herranz). The lady in charge of the hostel they’re staying in also sees the reports and confronts the girls when they get bac. This leads to a fight, where Rocío gets knifed in the arm, while Paloma is bashed against a mirror before their adversary locks them in the room to call the police. 

Rocío is freaked, and calls Teresa Mendoza (Kate del Castillo) to tell her what happened. Teresa promises to get to them as fast as possible.

La Reina Del Sur spoilers: Back in Spain

Thanks to Francesco Belmondo (Raoul Bova), Teresa and Oleg Yasikov (Antonio Gil) are now back in Spain. Oleg had been satisfied (for now) with what the hacker found out, and is ready to settle a score while Teresa is busy with the girls. 

It seems that he’s not happy about Ivanovich’s part in that trap Teresa fell into last time she was in Spain. Nor is he happy about being sold out to the Russian government, or the murder of his former bodyguard’s (Anton, played by Dimitry Anisimov) family. He thinks it’s time to get some justice, Russian-style. 

Teresa, by the way, had been going over Sofia’s drawing with Oleg before and has determined that this “Lupe” is Sofia’s kidnapper, and based on the drawings, she and Oleg are concerned that Sofia might be developing Stockholm Syndrome. She dismisses the idea that Batman had orchestrated the kidnapping, as he’s just Epifanio’s thug.

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