General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Enlists Help To Take Out DoD, Jason Is Getting Ready For the Kill Order – Shiloh Bit Off More Than He Can Chew

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'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jason Loses Temper, Falls Right Into Shiloh's Trap - Gets Trolled By the DoD Troll In Chief

General Hospital spoilers relate that Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan) says goodbye, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) learns her sister’s a liar, and there’s plenty of Dawn of Day trouble. In case you missed the General Hospital spoilers, catch up with today’s General Hospital recap. 

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Enlists Help To Take Out DoD, Jason Is Getting Ready For the Kill Order – Shiloh Bit Off More Than He Can Chew

Lulu goes looking for Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) to tell her friend about the trip she’s leaving on tomorrow and catches Maxie and Peter August (Wes Ramsey) kissing. She’s shocked, but keeps her mind on the task for the moment to deliver the news. They both need to know, after all. Maxie’s dismayed, but Peter assures Lulu her place at The Invader will be saved. Can we take a minute to deal with that name? Sounds like a tabloid someone laughs over as they wait in the check-out line. Anyway, Peter suggests that while Lulu is decompressing, she might want to write a book about her experiences to help get that all out. Maxie loves the idea, but Lulu’s not so sure at first. We’ll see if she goes through with that. 

Is this a sign?

While Anna is proud of herself at seeing Peter and Maxie kissing, Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) isn’t so excited. He’s got something to ask and Anna’s attention being diverted isn’t conducive here. Of course, as soon as Anna is ready to focus again, her ex shows up. Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) has some news that once again makes popping that question impossible. Seems he’s done some digging and found out Alex Marick lied about freezing during that mission left someone dead. Anna’s not only confused about what memory (or memories) were transferred now, she’s got renewed guilt over her long-ago failure. What a romantic setting for the will-it-ever-happen proposal. Hope Finn saved that receipt…

I want a refund

Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) corners Dr. Neil Byrne (Joe Flanagan) and asks for an impromptu session. When she’s met with resistance, she blurts out that her daughter’s in a cult. Now, she’s got his attention. Unfortunately, his advice to her is to do nothing. She wants to know what on earth she’s paying for. He explains that Kristina Davis (Lexi Aisworth) is an adult and trying to push will get her further in. He’s worked with families in this situation before, so he advises her to show Kristina pictures to remind her of good times, not get in her face, and to set things up to allow her to maybe see DoD from someone else’s perspective. He leaves Alexis to chew on all that, but not before writing out his bill on a napkin. Ha!

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard), for his part, is still frustrated, and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) wants the kill order. Lucky for Shiloh (Coby Ryan MacLaughlin), Sonny is focusing on getting some other help with this. It looks like an even better option after learning from Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) that DA Margaux Dawson (Elizabeth Henderickson) is a Shiloh follower. Not sure yet what Sonny’s other plan is, but it seems to involve a certain Dr. Neil.

In other DoD news, Harmony (Inga Cadranel) is in town for the big night where Kristina will be officially welcomed into the Trust. Sam’s at the house and curious as to what’s going on, but no one is giving details. To learn more, she pretends to leave when Harmony asks Kristina to chat some before the big night. Once they’ve cleared the living area, Sam sneaks back in and enters the room that’s been prepared. She’s surprised to see that whatever is happening tonight involves a tattoo. 

Finally, we have Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen). She’s still in her classroom and stressing from her meeting with the parents from Hell, otherwise know as Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) and Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford). Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) has dropped by and she unloads her stress a bit. He’s encouraging, and we kind of like these two. Unfortunately, their moment doesn’t last long, because Shiloh comes along to leave an old picture with her. He does his typical Shiloh thing, going on about how much everyone misses her, blah, blah, we need money so please come back, blah. Okay, maybe not that last bit. After all, he just scored 10K from Kristina. After Shiloh leaves, she tears the picture up and we’re fearing for Chase’s job right now. He’s totally going to go after Shiloh after Willow’s hard sell about how dangerous they are. We think Margaux won’t like that… 

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